Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kolkhoz Transgender

I felt especially good after my vocal lesson today: Susan said my piece was coming along wonderfully. Hooray!
However, I was a little disheartened, as she confirmed that I am required to sing for a jury at the end of the semester. Hooray for one thing, poo for another.
I have an Italian aria CD that has my piece on it, but naturally, it is the only song (of which I know) that skips. Tyche, you are a mean lady sometimes.

The computer at the Communication Studies desk is still gone, which means I can't order any of the supplies the office needs. Nothing incredibly important is on the list, but cleaning supplies are included and I want to clean the counters again. Somehow, everything gets disgustingly dirty in a week. Do small children with grubby hands come in everyday when I'm not around and rub their skin all over our stuff? It must be so.

I can't wait to finish our Small Group Comm. activism project. It's been a wild ride, and nothing turned out the way we predicted (or at least prepared for), but I suppose that's all part of the learning process of working in a small group.

Don't let me forget to blog for Interpersonal Comm.! I don't like missing points.

As I sat at work, I daydreamed about get-rich-quick schemes that took half the time and actually worked, and how I would love for them to be real so I could make even a little extra money. I so detest being too poor to afford things. I have my eye on a cheap looking, cheap costing Jolteon ring. I would prefer it to be Vaporeon (the seller has Flareon and Jolteon for sale), but I'll take what I can get. I desperately want to spend the six dollars and get it, so I can wear a Pokemon around my finger and appear to be more nerdy than I already do, but a horribly depressing pang of guilt stabs me every time I click on my Etsy cart to buy it. I donated a small amount to a good cause a few days ago, and yet it's impossible for me to spend any money at all on myself.

Mitch judges at Club 3 on Saturday, so I'll get some good Diamond-time in; although, it also means that I have to cram a whole weekend's worth of homework-doing into a day--Sunday, I have to wake up ridiculously early to sing at a church for choir, and then later that evening, I have ELP. I wonder if, sixty years from now, the new scientists (or whatever...if they're even called scientists anymore) will wonder how my generation and those a little before and after me ever handled the intense pressure society (and we) put on ourselves.
Then, of course, I wonder if we're all just making it up. But that doesn't seem right: Grandma's told me before how it boggles her mind--how much we're expected to do and all the places we're expected to be. I'm not complaining, because there's not much I can do, and it seems that I've juggled my time very well so far, but it does interest me in a slightly discomforting way.
What are your thoughts on Generation Y?

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Alan said...

Generation Y? More like Generation Why.

While there are larger numbers of go-getters and high achievers, so to has increased the number of those almost completely lacking in motivations to achieve and better themselves. They don't understand WHY they should bother. They are willing to let the world pass them by, and the world is becoming tolerant of it.