Monday, March 3, 2008

Kneading Neko

There was chocolate cake at work today. Of course, I ate a piece. Along with a handful (or two) of kisses. I pretended to file, but really just ate candy and listened to my iPod. Filing is not my forte.
I did file later, but only after I'd had my fill.

Nancy let us out five minutes late again. I don't like arriving late to work. Mary doesn't mind, but it's not all right to be late to work all the time.
You know what's strange about time, though? Different cultures view time and the concept of lateness differently. Americans have a strange obsession with allotting their time (time is money), whereas Japanese are obsessed with train-times (the train is one minute late! How dare they?). And then there's Southern Americans, who are, as I hear, much more laid-back than us Northerners (and I bet Easterners).

My Small Group Comm. teaching presentation is sneaking up! Wednesday isn't that far away! We have to do well--this project is a substantial portion of our grade. We had the research paper, and later we have the activism project and presentation, but still!

Deb agreed to be my faculty adviser! I'm incredibly excited: we're meeting tomorrow during my work hour to discuss all the details (form-signing, my actual major-plans). I'll have information on how it went in tomorrow's entry.

I finished my homework fairly early tonight (I still have stuff due this week and next week, but it can wait), so in my slight boredom, I got out my Interpersonal Comm. textbook and read the chapter on nonverbal communication. I'm fascinated by the subject--there are so many aspects of nonverbal communication that I knew existed, but didn't really know about: the use of color, smell, and smiling in various cultures. For example, did you know that the color red increases blood pressure, and that the color blue decreases it? Some school somewhere painted all their walls blue (whereas before, they were white and orange), and not only did the students' blood pressure decrease, but academic performance increased! Neat, huh?
I love my major. There are so many awesomely cool and useful things about communication.

Mitch had an ASAC meeting tonight; before it, he had Taylor and I talk over the phone to set up a meeting so we can sign the housing contracts tomorrow: at 11:30 in the res life office.

I'm incredibly eager to play Emerald Version (and eat cake) now, so here I go!

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