Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ishtar Wish

Mom highlighted my hair today!

Let me backtrack--a common occurrence in No, I Am a Cat:

I was incredibly crabby this morning. I woke up, called Mitch, asked him to highlight my hair, and then was distastefully unfair after he declined. He said Kristi would probably do it, and I said no. For some strange reason, it upset me greatly that he wouldn't do it. So I asked Mom, and she said she didn't have time, as she had to get to the bank before it closed at noon. Well, bother. Out of my crabbiness, I stomped back to my bedroom and slept angrily for another hour. However, upon waking a second time, I felt much more reasonable and inclined to call Mitch and offer an apology for my behaviour. I did, and asked him to come over ASAP so we could hug it out (bitch).
P.S. I wonder where that phrase originated.

So anyway, he came over, and when Mom got back from the bank and her other errands, she agreed to highlight my hair. Thus began the two-hour period of me looking like a doll, Mom laughing, and Mitch sitting in a completely different room watching basketball. It was all rather enjoyable: I played Pokemon: Diamond (I leveled up my beauties). I'll admit when it came time for Mother to snag my hair with a hook and pull it through tiny holes, I complained a little, but it wasn't all that bad.

In the end, it turned out wonderfully (good job, Mom!), and I rushed to get ready so Mitch, Kristi, and I could go to Henry's (in Foley) for Emily and Andy's wedding reception.

We did that: it went well. We sat by Becky DeBoer and Ken (it was my first time meeting him), along with Mitch and Kristi's old pastor and his wife (who told me I looked twelve). Of course, she meant no harm by it--she believed she gave me a compliment. Despite this, being a mere eighteen I still find it disheartening when people refer to me as a child. I understand it is a dilemma which many face, but it's nonetheless annoying.

Right now, we're at Brian and Eric's--eating baked goods and enjoying each other's company. When I got there, they'd already started a Halo 2 match (SLAYER), so I patiently waited my turn (I banged the controller on the floor). All of a sudden, Alan showed up!

Hoorah for this day.

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