Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hungry Hungry Hoplites

Classes actually weren't all that busy today. By no means does that speak for how much outside work I have yet to do (and will not be done with until May 1), but at least during the hour-and-a-half periods, I was content and calm.

We started conversational communication in Interpersonal: it's all about the dialogue--messages sent between people. Every time I go through and read a chapter, I discover new, neat little tricks of communication that I find myself eager to try on others (Mitch is my bait for many); although, I've found that I already utilize power-distance creating communication often. I have my high school activities to thank for that.

We discussed The Picture of Dorian Gray in Effective Writing. Colin let slip that someone gets shot, and his blab is sure to spoil my reading of the remainder of the novel. I'll be expecting someone to die, now.
Also, that second to last sentence was terribly crafted. I apologize.

Colin was the guest speaker in Liberating Letters: he compared three critical theories: formalist, reader response, and I can't remember the third. I only wish that's what it was called.

I'm getting awfully sick of this Democratic situation. It was thrilling until Barack won thirteen states straight and Hillary refused to step down gracefully. The whole situation is ridiculous: she "knew" she'd have the nomination set after Super Tuesday...well, that obviously didn't happen; she claimed she could win both Texas and Ohio--hands down (and even Bill said she had to win both), but she even failed at that: Barack got more delegates out of Texas than she did; she thinks because she won more big states than Barack did, she's more worthy of the nomination. Well, that argument would hold up if A) she had more popular vote, but Barack has her far outstripped because he won everywhere else, or B) it mattered in November: if people in those states (that generally vote Republican anyway) truly want a Democratic nominee, they will vote for Barack. She failed to beat him by extraordinary amounts in any of the large states.

That's my three cents. The extra penny's for your time.

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