Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hephaestus found me naked


Here's the story of my day:
I woke up this morning at the usual 7:10 to shower, eat, and get ready for a day of work, class, and tests. I got in the shower, completing my normal routine--and as I did this, the crick in my back that's felt like it's needed to be cracked for months--began aching. So what did I do? I attempted, once more, to crack it: I twisted this way and that, but to no avail. Frustrated, I turned as far as I could to one side, hoping it would pop. Well, something definitely popped. I yelped, covered my mouth to hold the vomit in, and fell onto my knees.
After catching my breath, I stepped out of the shower--doubled over--and walked to the bed where I pushed Mitch over and went to sleep in the fetal position. Mitch woke up, I told him what happened, and he agreed to email Kristen about my plight when he got up for work. He did that, and I called Bob Groven--half crying--to explain that I wouldn't be in class today, and that I hoped he would allow me to take the test at a later date. He called earlier this afternoon to say that would be fine, and to try putting a heating pad on my back if the swelling had stopped (or never started).

Anyway, I've been sitting on the bed all day. So far, I've probably gotten up twice--and both times have been to pee. I keep drinking the yellow Life Waters Mitch let me have, and there's a good amount of liquid in those bottles, so it just keeps coming out.
I've been playing Emerald since I woke up for the second time this morning (nine something); I'm leveling up Plusle and Minun: it's going well--they're both reaching their stride.

Mitch made me food before he left for class, and he agreed to come back to the room at three and make me some more. He also let me use his bag of frozen hash browns as an ice pack (as we have no ice), and made me comfortable by getting all my necessities for the day organized on the night stand so I wouldn't have to get up to get them: tissues, chapstick, the rest of his mint girl scout cookies, and a glass of water.
He's so kind.

We're probably going to watch at least two Sopranos episodes today, but I don't mind. Mitch deserves it.

You know what I found particularly hilarious today? A commercial criticizing the House of Reps. for not voting on a surveillance bill aired on CNN today: it demeaned Nancy Pelosi, and basically the House as a whole. Little did this commercial know, the House was in the middle of drafting their own surveillance bill to be passed.
Ridiculous, uninformed politics.

One more thing: Barack won Mississippi = hoorah!

End of line.

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