Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Glee, the Muse

Today was a little better. Back-wise. Standing and sitting are generally uncomfortable--along with walking and basically everything. But nonetheless, it feels better today than it did yesterday. I expect it to feel like it does today for about a week: not excruciating pain, just agitating, incredibly uncomfortable pain.

I met with Deb again today at 9:30: we discussed what my fall schedule should look like now that I can't take Japanese until spring semester. She forbid me from taking any more upper-level courses until I have courses like Comm. 111 completed. I guess I can't be sneaky forever.

Bob came in while we were still meeting: he asked me about my back and seemed genuinely concerned. Hooray for kind people!

After our meeting, I rushed back to work for about ten minutes, then went to the chapel to sing for another ten minutes, then rushed once again back to my desk to continue chipping away at David's assignment (look through ten years of speech tournaments to find Auggies who placed).

I took the Liberating Letters test today after lunch in the Honors Suite. To me, it was easier than the Odyssey test. Which seems strange, considering I was on the prosecution, so I was a tad more obliged to pay extra attention to details than perhaps the jury would. I wasn't on either prosecution or defense for Galileo, yet I thought the test was easier.
Strange how things work. I doubt that the two tests are actually measurable in regard to their easiness--for, from what I understand, none of Bob's tests in any of his classes are every easy--they're just less hard for certain people at certain times.

It's getting so close to spring break! And it's nice out (relatively), so I can feel a bit of spring fever coming on. This phenomenon is also called "becoming twitterpated." That's a scientific term.
I'm imagining myself walking across the new bridge over the Rum River back at home...the occasional car driving by...flora and fauna...maybe walking Boris and Sadie. Sadie's fat--she needs it, and Boris loves to snoop around, so walking along the road is incredibly fun for him. Not to mention on warm days, we can head down to the riverbank for a cool drink.

I'm contemplating going to a leadership workshop tomorrow just for the heck of it. It's hosted by a graduate student (or something like that). I haven't totally decided yet: I still have to pack and I'm sure at least one of my professors will give me homework for spring break--meaning I'll try to get some of it done before then, so I can squeeze out maximum lounge time.

Sam said I could maybe use his Micro Econ book next year if the professor decides to use the same one they're using this semester. Yay, Sam!

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