Thursday, March 20, 2008

Froo froo does laundry

Mitch and I ate at the Drive In for lunch today, courtesy of Craig. I had two softshell tacos and a small order of chive fries. Oh, how I missed its this small town diner's delicious grub.

Mitch met with his financial adviser after lunch to talk about his mutual fund. He's going to move it in with this guy--apparently it'll grow a lot more than it has been. I was a little more skeptical, but it's his money--not mind. Also, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Wouldn't it be cool if Pokemon were real? I'm sure even people who have never had anything to do with Pokemon (such as those who didn't grow up with it, like I did) have considered how awesome it would be to have real Pokemon. We wouldn't need cars, babysitters, elderly care...all we'd need is a Pidgeot, Skarmory, or Dragonite (for transportation), a Chansey (for the baby), and an Absol (for the elderly--you know, since Absol live so long).

Anyway, I took a nap in Mitch's room, and then he came up to see me. I went home after a while to see what Mom was up to and to grab my DS (I heard wind that Mitch's parents were getting me a game...I was right, as detailed later). She started Metroid Prime: it looks great.
I headed back to Mitch's; we ate dinner (potato soup) and I opened my goodies: Pokemon Diamond and a cute shirt--which I'll wear on Easter.

I started my game...even though I haven't finished Emerald (Deilie and Opus are waiting to kick Elite Four ass). Basically, it's awesome, as I hoped it would be.

Brian and Eric are coming over to Mitch's after mass. I think we're going to watch Once.

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