Thursday, March 20, 2008


I GOT A DS!!!!

I'll start from the beginning. Mom and I left for St. Cloud today to pick up Mitch at McDonald's. Band tour is all done, and he didn't want to ride all the way back down to Augsburg only to have to come back up here. Picking up Mitch was the first thing we did, and then we went off to Crossroads!

We decided to go to Target last to make things more efficient, so first, we headed into Bath and Body Works to take advantage of the 4 for $10 deal. I got some orchid hand soap, orchid body spray, and lavender pillow mist! That last purchase made me incredibly excited, as I've looked for lavender pillow spray at B&BW stores for years. I used it during our trip to Colorado (it was in my bathroom at my aunt's house), and ever since, it's reminded me of a jolly time (Access InuYasha, I Am...).

After Bath and Body Works, we went to Gamestop to find my present. We looked around at the Wii games--they had Metroid. I asked if they had Okami for the PS2, and they didn't, so Mom and I looked at the other used games. We found a $7 copy of Metroid Prime for Gamecube, so we figured it'd be more cost efficient to try out a Metroid game for cheap before we bought the Wii version. I had a few other games picked out, such as an old Spyro game (I can't remember who had Spyro when I was little...maybe I rented it? Either way, it's nostalgic somehow) and possibly Twilight Princess, but I ultimately decided to go for the DS--even though I'd have to fork up some of my own money. I got a pink DS (the rude Gamestop employee scoffed at me). They only had two colors--red and pink, so what was I to do, anyway? He tried to sell me a bunch of other stuff, but as I'm poor and could find most of what he was selling elsewhere for cheaper, I said no. Mom bought her Metroid game and my birthday stuff, and then we waltzed back to Target. I bought loads of stuff--most of it I needed, such as toilet paper and makeup--however, I bought a shower curtain and a soap dispenser as well. I couldn't find a soap dish for cheap (the least expensive ones were $10), so I vowed to find another that would match our new bathroom colors (light turquoise-y).

As I didn't get a game today, I could only pictochat, but the whole experience of using the DS is exciting so far. I played Emerald for a bit more, as I can't bear to abandon my lovely Delcatty and Manectric (Deilie and Opus): level 60 and two more gyms to go!

I'm happy Mitch is back. I missed cuddling. We're watching ScarFace with Brian right now.

Also, I decided I love dinosaurs. Who doesn't, really?

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