Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eighteen silver pebbles

Homemade pizza! I can't describe how much more delicious homemade pizza is than say, Domino's. Bleargh. It doesn't take that long, either. Mom has to layer everything and spread the sauce around...and she may have to mold the dough, but other than that, it's fairly simple. Simple for her, at least. I'd never be able to make it. I can barely make macaroni and cheese. Spaghetti usually turns out well.

Obama's rocking up the polls right now.
"We are succeeding." McCain says that. Now, I can appreciate that things may be getting "better," but what is better? Do we all have to accept the war and support it just because it's getting "better?" Saying the war is and will be a failure, whatever happens, is not being uninformed--it is understanding a more reasonable and logical view of "success." Success is not making things "better" in a country where you're incredibly likely to get blown up on the way to work. Success is being balanced. It is making the political world of Iraq work like a good political structure should while still paying attention to your home country: giving it things like money for infrastructure and education. It is not shoving 30,000 more troops into a country and expecting every problem to be worked out via guns and bomb-proof walls.

The whole situation is strange. Success means different things for different people. Priorities of politicians are different.

Mom and I played Perfect Dark again today: more co-op. We had a lot of fun in Area 51--that map is HUGE! I never realized. I mean, I'm sure I did at one point...when I played the solo missions...but as I haven't played through the game in years, I forgot.

Tomorrow I plan to do basically nothing. Probably a lot of Emerald version...maybe feel a tad guilty about homework. Although I shouldn't. I barely have any--and what I do have can be taken care of in a matter of a few hours.
I'll update you when I figure out if these plans went through.

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