Monday, March 31, 2008

Diana of those in dreams

Sometimes I forget about little, yet incredibly important things I have to get done.
Included in this is sending the political letters we got anybody who's anybody to sign. Also, I must mail my donation-request letters if I'm ever going to get any money to help pay for my ridiculously expensive study abroad experience.

I played some more Diamond tonight after I finished school-work. I leveled up Pallas, my Ponyta a bit more (he learned stomp!), along with Via (my Prinplup), and Quil (my newly evolved Staraptor). Ajax (Luxray) got a night off in his Pokeball; he deserved it, after winning two contests in a row! Although, I shouldn't forget that Quil has also won a contest.

I so wish Pokemon were real. I feel as if this will forever remain a hope of mine: that I will wake up one day next to Plusle, Minun, and Raichu; I'd shower via water from my Lapras and Vaporeon; I'd hitch an eco-friendly ride to classes on the back of my Arcanine; I'd fly to work with Noctowl; I'd work alongside of Meowth (who, by virtue, brings money); I'd head home via Rapidash; I'd clean the house with help from Mew; I'd have a delicious meal of milk from Miltank and eggs from Chansey; I'd have Mewtwo help me with my homework; lastly, I'd fall asleep with Delcatty and Espeon--making sure to position Manectric, Luxray, Suicune, Houndoom, and Mightyena at the entrance to my lair to keep me safe from bad guys like Team Rocket.

If only, right?

I feel it necessary to end with that.

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Alan said...

You could could also take a nap under a Sudowoodo and snuggle with Snorlax. And you could have Jigglypuff sing you to sleep everynight.