Monday, March 24, 2008

Blame Enka

Today, Mitch and I headed back to school. Well, rather, first I woke up. Then I rushed to get things in order (put things in bags, boxes), and then Mom gave me some money so I could pick up some groceries at SuperValu (Milaca's beloved food monopoly). I didn't spend that much--largely because she sent so many homemade goodies back with me.

Mitch picked me up at ten to one so we could stop and get Brian to bring him down to St. Thomas. Tony had left for the cities earlier, as he started his awesome job this morning! Good job, Tony!

We spent a good three hours or so cleaning up the dorm. I cleaned everything and organized a bunch more things.

Tomorrow I'll have many new things to discuss with my beloved readers. For now, I have done all my chores and will now do nothing until early tomorrow morning when I wake up for work in the Communication Studies office.

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