Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bert and Rubies

So, as mentioned in the last entry of No, I Am a Cat, I will now detail my exciting work day.
I worked on something new for Mary (I went through a list of incoming first years and checked to see if they had college transcripts on file that hadn't been eval-ed yet). After that, I did a bit of filing, and then put some yellow folder stuff into the compy. Then I cleaned, Mitch picked me up at the office, and we went upstairs to Mort.

Mitch is judging tonight at Club 3; I stayed here to work on homework (which means I'm reading the rest of Dorian Gray). He said he may go with the members of Highland out to Perkins or wherever. I'm going to sleep in a few hours since I have to wake up so early (I'm getting up at 5:40 to give me enough time to shower, get rid of my baggy sleep eyes, and eat something decent for breakfast).

I had potatoes for dinner tonight!

Tomorrow, I'll let you know all the juicy details concerning the ending of the sure to be excellent Dorian Gray.
Wish me luck for a speedy and successful morning singing in choir. The bus loads at 7:15; gross, huh?

Oh! Before I forget: I took some incredible photographs at the grand opening of the new student lounge in Christensen. I can't get the pictures off the camera, however, as the cord is broken. I'm going to ask Carrie to get me a memory card transfer machine thing (it's a mini memory card, so a regular transfer machine thing won't work). I don't want to harbor the pictures I've taken forever!
Anyway, what I brought the new student lounge up for is to give all y'all interested in attending Augsburg in the future a taste of what kind of fun-attitude we have here:
The new student lounge has two big screen, high definition TVs. One is hooked up to an XBOX 360 (complete with Guitar Heros and DDRs), and the other plays Blurays. There are two pool tables, one ping pong table, oodles and oodles of couches and comfy chairs, and bar tables and stools where you can drink nonalcoholic goodies while watching whatever activity you please.
It's excellent. I'm desperate for them to hang art or posters up on the walls (as they're somewhat bare so far), but other than that, I have no complaints. It will indeed be a good resource for individuals and student organizations.

End of line.

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