Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ants in my ser-pants

Choir was all right today; I burped at Tracy (I'm happy both she and Ember sit behind me--they're hilarious). I didn't have gas, however, which Tracy was quick to notice and report via Facebook.

Milaca is having a school board meeting Monday to help determine what to cut (...insipid community...). Marching band, of course, is on the "chopping block," as Mitch calls it--like it is every other time funding gets reduced by any amount. Mitch wrote a letter to be read by (his Mom, maybe?) at the meeting: it mentions how disgusted we are that something as prestigious as marching band at Milaca is even being considered for cutting. We didn't mention jazz band: we chose to defend marching band first and foremost for its ability to involve so many people. There is no audition process for marching band. "There is no bench," as Nelson frequently put it. In addition, Milaca Marching--which comes from such a tiny area and school--is still able to compete and win against large schools such as Waconia and Alexandria.
We made sure not to pit ourselves, in the letter, against other activities such as wrestling and swimming. Both of those deserve to remain as well, due to their long and consistent histories of success.
Mitch was going to have a few of us sign it (Eric Johnson, Mitch, Kristi, me, and others), but Eric wasn't at Brian's 21st shindig tonight, so instead, I think Mitch is going to message a bunch of marching alumni to see if they want their name on the letter. He'll then type them up, or whatever. I still think as many people as we have physically available should sign some portion of the letter, however: it makes it seem that much more official.

I have two tests tomorrow: Effective Writing (which Colin just told us via email we can use our notes on), and Liberating Letters, which I'm sure I'll never feel truly prepared for again. I felt decent about going into The Odyssey test, because Sparknotes had available quizzes to take so I could get back into the swing/details of the book...but Galileo affords me no such luxury. I studied for about an hour or so, and I plan to look at my notes a little bit again before I go to bed, so I can sleep with the words in my head.

I'm not sure how my Small Group Comm. teaching presentation went. To be quite honest, I felt incredibly bored for most of it, which doesn't imply anything good for how the audience must have felt. We went the whole hour, and I think we were only supposed to use fourty minutes.
Jeebus! There's a good chance we really messed the whole thing up!

I forgot I had voice lessons today until this morning. Again, Susan and I talked politics with Dan for about twenty minutes, and then I sang my song for about five minutes (without warming up--woopee!), and then left for choir. I also went to my first studio class tonight: I only stayed for about twenty minutes, because I had a cake in the oven (I did not plan on having the cake-making and my class run together...I just failed to anticipate just how little time I had). I got to hear some guy and Evelyn sing. I used to have lessons right after her, so I'd often walk in on one of her songs: BEAUTIFUL. It was always a joy.

David gave me a big assignment to get done at the Comm. desk before spring break: go through ten years of speech tournament results and find the Augsburg students who placed in finals! It seems like it'll take a long time, but I bet it won't. I'll probably start getting into it this Friday--tomorrow morning, I plan to study for my tests.

This week is Homelessness Awareness Week, sponsored by MPIRG and some other campus organization. Friday, they're hosting a sleep-out in Murphy Park, which I can only assume means people have to sleep on the ground or on benches for the night. Whoever participates had better have to sleep the whole night: only then will I deem them brave and worthy of my admiration.
Since I'm on the subject of homelessness, what are your thoughts? How does a large and privately wealthy (meaning many individuals have money, but not necessarily everybody) country such as the United States deal with a ridiculously high rate of homelessness? Where do you see homelessness going in the next year or so (think home/mortgage issues)? Do you expect a gradual, or perhaps even sharp increase in the number of homeless?

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Kristen Chamberlain said...

Wow. You have really high standards for those who aim to receive Ali Rapp's stamp of approval and admiration. Does that mean that if I wish to receive such a high honor that I, too, must sleep out in the cold? Did Mitch have to do that before you would go out with him?