Friday, February 15, 2008

Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip ba-ha, ba-ha

Today is Thursday! One more day until the weekend.
We started My Cousin Vinny in Interpersonal Communication today; it's got oodles of examples concerning perception, schematas, rules, scripts, and other interpersonal things related to differences in perception and understanding. We get to finish watching it on Tuesday. We have the epal essay due in about two weeks, so my epal and I had better send more emails (we're only about about four).
Effective Writing only went to 1:00 instead of 1:20, so it gave us time to study for the Liberating Letters test. First, we finished the trial (the defense called their witnesses, gave a few good points, but overall, I don't think their counter-attacks were as strong as they needed to be to definitely dispell our charges--but it's really all up to the jury), and then we took the test. I didn't finish until about 3:05--class ends at 3:00, but I feel that I did all right. Groven lets us appeal questions if we don't think they're accurate, can be absolutely answered by only one or any of the provided solutions, or if they're too complicated to comprehend as needed to successfully answer them. I appealed three; I doubt he'll buy all of them, but I only appeal questions that I honestly don't think hold up to standards, so we'll see. I, of course, successfully recited the opening lines of The Odyssey, and I think I got all the questions I didn't appeal right. I'm a little unsure about what my final score will be, but I'm not terribly scared. It could have been harder.

Both Mary and Crockett agreed to write me letters of recommendation for my CIEE scholarship application. Mary gave me the one she wrote today and I'll get Crockett's on Monday. I am, however, contemplating waiting a few more days beyond that to see if I get into the Emerging Leaders Program so I can put that on my activities resume. I emailed Brian to see if he received my application--he had, and he said I should hear something about it next I'll see how desperate I feel to get my scholarship app. in.
I don't even know if they'll review it until they accept me into the program!

I cleaned for about an hour and a half tonight: I piled all of Mitch's stray papers onto his desk, cleared out the area next to his dresser, put his textbooks in a logical area, and organized the room. I still have to clean the bathroom and kitchen, etc. before Saturday night since we'll be having guests, but that's all right. I like living in a clean area--I feel less stressed and more sure of where my things are when I really need them.

Kristen is buying her house today! It's incredibly exciting.

I didn't get to give all my Cookie Monster valentines out--I'll have to give Ember, Tracy, and Colin their cards tomorrow. Mitch's parents sent us treats and cards via mail, so now we have more candy to get chunky on.

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