Monday, February 18, 2008

Where milk and bunnies flow

I almost met my goal of not leaving the dorm. I went over to Urness to get my lamp--Mitch is sick of the clip-on lamp (he says it hurts his eyes), and I also brought over my Cheshire Cat stuffie, God of War, and some earrings and a necklace. Poor Mitch--I keep cramming my stuff into his room. Well, hopefully next year we won't have to worry about it: Taylor still has to hear back about her application for the job, and then we have to see if getting into where we want is a go.

Mitch rented Romance and Cigarettes the other day. He got it because it has a load of Sopranos actors in it, but he stopped watching before it was done because it's a bad movie. I mean musical. I don't even want to watch a little bit of it: I never want to see James G. sing, except when he's at an Italian family gathering on our favorite mob show.

I wrote my trial brief today. I hope it's all right--there are some things to fix before we turn in our final copy on Tuesday, but for all purposes of getting it done, it's fine. I plan to add a few more textual references (and we can't forget to use outside research, blast that Bob Groven). Aaaand I hope to find Groven somewhere (maybe at the Honors meeting tonight?) and ask him if the "max. 5 pages" really is a definitive cutoff for how long our brief may be. It seems a little impossible to fit all the information needed about our charges in five pages...

I forgot to mention in my last entry that while at MoA, I hopped inside my favorite clothing store Forever 21 and bought a moss-green sweater for six dollars. I'll wear it tomorrow over the cheap brown shirt I bought at Deb the last time I was at MoA (my meeting with Rob).
Speaking of Rob, I should email him and ask him what he said was the best way to get yen (he mentioned some method by which I would lose less in the currency trading...stupid dollar).

I played a little Super Mario Galaxy tonight after I got done with all my homework: I finally beat the world I was stuck in last time (it turns out all I had to do was hit the stupid thing--not bring a bomb over to it), and I also got through the first star of the HoneyHive Galaxy. I love being a bee.

I miss Twilight Princess a lot, and I can't wait until I actually own it and don't have to travel an hour and a half to play it.

I get my letter of recommendation from Crockett tomorrow--and then I might wait to see if I make it into the Emerging Leaders Program--and then away goes my scholarship application!

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