Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Voltorb and vixens

Watashi wa shia wa se desu!
It means "I'm happy," and is my new phrase for the day.
Hoorah for Bob Groven!: he pushed our Liberating Letters quiz back until Tuesday. The prosecution (me, Josh, Annika, and Nate) have to have our case and list of witnesses by Thursday, though.
Colin Irvine sent us an email with all the questions that'll be on our Thursday quiz. They're all ridiculously hard questions--really in depth and somewhat random. Our first paper's also due that day.
I voted tonight! It was spectacular: I felt a weight lifted off my chest--I, no matter who wins, spoke out. It's a neat experience, voting for the first time. Of course, I voted for Barack--and of course, he won in Minnesota by about 30%. Aishitei masu, Minnesota!
The Medieval Madrigals are absolutely fantastic. It's free for Augsburg students, so there's no excuse for them not to go, but any prospective students out there who are considering it for next year, I strongly recommend attending the event! It's a large amount of fun, the food is delicious (Kore wa oishii desu!--this is delicious!...I don't know how to say "that was" delicious yet), and the entertainment was great. I especially liked Duck and Roll, the acrobatic duo. We ate everything with our fingers, as is medieval style, and there were lots of people dressed up for the occassion. I got some good pictures--but I'll have to edit them heavily as the lighting in the chapel is awful.

I should read through my Small Group Comm. research paper before I post it on Moodle tomorrow.

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