Monday, February 25, 2008

Thunderous swan and Leda

Monday, Monday, Monday! (Think cheesy monster truck commercial).

I'm not sure today was spectacularly great, although there were high points.
This morning, I got into the Comm. office only to discover somebody did not take lightly to my post-y-note about leaving nasty used spoons all over the office. Long story short, I argued with someone via little yellow pieces of paper for about two hours.

Today in badminton, the guy that always talks smack during games (even if they aren't his) hit me with a birdie in the eye on purpose. He'd been shooting them at me since I got in the gym, but none of them hit me--until the one in the eye. I cursed at him loudly and called him a few unflattering names, but everyone knew he deserved it and thus did not think any lower of me.

I forgot to print off my Small Group Comm. assignment, but being awesome, Kristen said I could turn it in during work tomorrow morning.

Thursday is the Step-Up Gala, and there are sure to be prime pictures, so don't let me forget to ask Carrie for a sort of press-pass type thing to get in (otherwise, it would cost me $50, which is more than I would make on photos). I need a press-pass tag or something for everywhere on campus. Students and staff sometimes give me dirty looks when I skit around taking photos, as if I have no right to be doing such a thing at school events.

Mary's gone on vacation for the week, so the office was a little different today: especially owing to the fact that it had been demolished over the weekend. Joe and Caryn cleaned it up--I'm not sure how--my brain ran over itself just trying to make order of where the room originally was and how it could ever return to that spot. Anyway, I worked on my beloved yellow folder and then went to choir, where we sang one incredibly long song for about a half hour. Still no mention of the date-conflict by Nancy, so I wonder if Taylor got a-hold of her, or if Nancy just disregarded it all. I still don't know what to do...can you imagine the pictures I'll miss out on for Homemade? It's criminal, really, scheduling ten or so concerts and requiring you to be at every single one of them: and if you're not, no 4.0! How dumb. I find of a lot of things dumb. Remember back to your high school days. Did you have to ask to use the bathroom? I did. It was the silliest and most ridiculous rule I've ever come across. Sure, some people would take advantage of not having to ask, but come on. Seriously. I have resolved to never asking again to leave the room or use the bathroom or whatever. I have no qualms about saying "excuse me," but by golly I will not request your permission.

That's the general vibe I get my from my Honors class (2011): that a lot of things in life--even the simplest things--have become bureaucratic, unproductive, useless, and silly. My class has no reservations about challenging those bureaucratic forces (such as taking hold of the alumni e-pal project and making it all our own, instead of waiting for endless layers of uselessness to be sifted through by higher-ups). This movement is perhaps a nod to the rising (or, at least, better) style of management that will surely force the old, vertical, and time-wasting methods out the door. Based on my major, I've decided I can be an agent of that change. An advocate. An avant-garde of the new generation of business, if you will.

End of line.

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