Thursday, February 14, 2008


Voice lessons were tough today: Susan reamed on me--but that's all right once in a while. I notice I feel worse on those days, but I also get frustrated with myself for silly mistakes, so it goes both ways. We worked on my new song, which I love. It's faster paced than my last, although I have a tendency to slow it down anyway.
I had a meeting with Amy during the last ten minutes of choir: she filled out the few boxes required by her and then affirmed my belief that sending in a letter of recommendation with my CIEE scholarship app materials is a good idea--especially since I know they won't disqualify me. That would truly suck.

After work (which went until 5 PM), Mitch, Charles, and I went to Target for our St. Valentine's Day gifts. I got Mitch Gone, Baby, Gone, some sort of "Best of Family Guy," a bouquet of suckers, and a card that has a picture of a muffin on the front, says "I like stud muffins," and on the inside, says "That's why I <3 you!" I didn't have the intention of getting him a card, but it was too much to say no to.
I also bought Mom and Bob a card for their anniversary (on the 15th of Feb.), although it probably won't get to them on time. Maybe I'll run to the mail room before class this morning (since mail goes out then, and again at three) to give it a little extra time.
Their card has penguins.

My phrase for today was "Watashi no namae wa 'Alison' desu." My name is Alison.

The Liberating Letters test is finally tomorrow and I'm a little nervous again. I'm not as nervous, because I studied the last couple days, but I'm still unsure about how I'll do and that upsets me. Yeah--that's more of the feeling I have: unsure. I don't really get nervous.

I took some time to read my newest issue of Fortune while Mitch and I watched The Sopranos tonight. It felt nice to have a slot in the evening for myself: I so rarely get that.

Just two more days left in the week and then I can sleep in and get lots of lovin' from my pals.

Here's one thing to think about--although it's highly individualistic: say you're against stem cell research (whether that be the full reproductive kind or the therapeudic cloning kind). What would happen if you became diagnosed with cancer, had to lose a kidney--but nobody was a match for you--and, your body being too weak to continue functioning without that organ, was doomed to waste away? Would you change your views?

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