Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shiva and Rita go dancing

So I got my blog all typed up--I talked about the honors meeting, the Liberating Letters meeting, everything else that happened and didn't happen today--including staying up until one doing scholarship stuff (did happen) and doing homework (didn't happen), but when I clicked "Publish Post," the damn thing errored and erased all my text.


Dealing with inefficiencies makes me incredibly angry. I fear (or don't mind) it becoming a pet peeve. It's so hard, though, to do all the things I do during a day and have to deal with inefficient things including blogs or people.
That's one thing I've noticed about college--that I have a schedule, and if I don't stick to the schedule absolutely, my whole day is pointless because nothing will get done.
For example--about a week ago, I volunteered to write the introduction to our group research paper. I forgot to write it in my planner and thus, never did it. I didn't even remember volunteering for it. Strange...

I would retype all the things I entered initially, but I really have no desire to, so this will have to do.

Bah humbug and ho hum.

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