Friday, February 29, 2008


Fancy smancy! The Step Up Gala, which costs $100 to attend if you're not an Augsbug student, is magnificent! You wouldn't believe how dressed up the Commons can get: drapes all over the place, awesome lighting, velvety dining chairs that looked comfier than any other eating chair I've ever seen, and I'm sure the food was delicious (I didn't stay that long).
I arrived at 5:30, when the whole shibang started. I took some shots of various formally-dressed Step-Up students, a few alumni, possibly a couple parents, and then some shots of the event as a whole (I was careful to get in quite a few of the glorious dinner tables). I won't have them edited in time to be compensated for this month, but definitely next month.

Effective Writing was especially hilarious today, as I didn't have a full rough draft for anybody to read: just notes. In list form. And a half-page apology for not having a rough draft. Ashley and Brittany both found it silly as well, and gave me much leeway.

Liberating Letters was, again, neat. Although, I did find out that Bob hadn't intended on getting the Honors alumni contact information for us, and instead thought I would ask Emily again.
I informed my fellow Pike-ers; then, while working in Admissions after class, I glance Phil, yelled him over, and asked him to pretty please get us the information. He said he'd try.
Well that certainly isn't enough!
We will fight for that information, you silly gooses. We will fight.

I feel as if I got quite a bit done tonight. I got all my laundry done (even the hand-wash only stuff), I finished the Liberating Letters supplemental readings (and highlighted things I'll need to know for the test next Thursday), and emailed Nancy to tell her I'd have to take one of the April concerts off to take photos at the ASAC event(s)--either the Spring Affair Dance or the Spring Music Jam (preferably the Music Jam). I told her I desperately did not want missing one concert out of ten to affect my performance so poorly that I received a 3.5 instead of a 4.0. She emailed me back, saying we would work something out.
I hope that means I'll still get a 4.0.

My new favorite thing to do during Effective Writing is, after peeling my orange, wrapping the peels in a piece of paper so it looks like a present, writing "To Sam," on it, and giving it to Sam Smith. I did it once two class periods ago, and again today. Har har har.

I had an Interpersonal Communication exam today: I got three wrong, but emailed Kristen appealing one of the questions, which honestly had two right answers (I even included the page number). She replied, saying I would get the point for that question. So I only got two wrong! Hooray.

Mitch and Charles...I mean, Twin Cities Production, is sponsoring the Step Up Gala tonight, so Mitch is gone until late (he said sometime past eleven). Well, it's late now, and I want to get to sleep--even though I get to snooze until 9:40 tomorrow morning!

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