Friday, February 1, 2008

Pulling lion tail

Today was incredibly agitating, frustrating, and angering up until the moment Mitch and I left the parking lot.
This morning, I thought I had all my CIEE application things ready to go and be mailed, but I didn't realize that A) I'd filled out the wrong Sophia U application, and B) I forgot to print off my personal statement. So I got Mitch's keys from him before my Small Group Comm. meeting and after, went upstairs with him to print it off and eat (I had potatoes).
I finally had everything in the envelope, took it to the mailing office, and remembered they don't take cards. So I had to go to the ATM. That wasn't a big deal in itself, but was icing on the cake.
In addition, what really sent me flying through the roof was finding out the Medieval Madrigals and Tuesday's caucus started at the exact same time: 6:30 P.M. So I brought it up to Nancy, and we'll find out Monday if a few of us can skip the banquet to vote. I wish they weren't on the same night: I'd really like to get pictures of the banquet--I hear the whole night is incredibly fun.
Oh. One more thing: My partner and I (the professor switched teams around--this time I was with a girl...) lost to the worst badminton player in the class. How degrading.

We're going out with Tony and Brian tonight: Chinese at Cleveland Wok, and then to Uptown to see No Country for Old Men. I can't wait to see it--I love quality movies. Look forward to seeing a small review for it tomorrow in No, I Am a Cat.

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