Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Orson Whales

I made it clear tonight at the Honors House meeting that Becky, Alex, and I wanted to do the alumni pen-pal activity now: not waiting until we complete an exhaustive list of Honors alumni, because that will take years. Not waiting for Emily to go through endless layers of beauracracy to "get more information." After I said what I had to say, Emily agreed to get me the list of current alumni information.
One for Alison.
Halfway through choir, Nancy announced that Phil Adamo isn't letting his students caucus tomorrow and he doesn't want us to either. Nancy said she's going to let us anyway, as long as we get back in time to sing.
One for Nancy, two for Alison.
I sat around and did nothing after I got back from the Honors House meeting, as I'd done all my homework this weekend.
Two and a gold star for Alison.

I have other hurdles this week. Tomorrow is the caucus (support Barack Obama--he's a new kind of politics--the kind that brings people together instead of driving them apart), along with the madrigals (not a huge deal), and then a QSU meeting which I'll be unable to make (but gosh darnit, somebody on that executive board had better let me help out for once instead of them doing it all).
I have two quizzes on Thursday (which I can handle, all I have to do is prepare and I'll be fine--I've done all the homework), a paper due that day, and a shindig for all those who got 3.0s or better last semester. Woohoo.
This Sunday is the Billings Volunteer Day (Ronald McDonald house). Which means we'll only actually be home for about a day and a half which sucks major ass, but there's nothing I can do about it now.

We watched an episode of The Sopranos tonight. They just keep getting better. You'd think that, like most TV shows, it would get lethargic or plain after more than one season, but it's precisely the opposite.

Super Tuesday is almost here.
Get out there and let your voice be heard! (NOTE: You DO NOT have to 18 years of age to vote in the caucus! You only have to be 18 by November 4th, 2008! So get out there, you 17-ers!).

Oh yeah--I learned a new phrase today. "Watashi wa tsukare mashta." It means "I'm tired."

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