Saturday, February 2, 2008


Teeny review for No Country For Old Men:
Javier Bardem is the scariest shit.

Also, this movie is teh awesome.

The End.

That's how I feel, honestly. The screenplay, cinematography, and sound were fabulously crafted--and the acting was good enough to, in the case of Javier's character, piss your pants.
Go see it. And if you're poor, make somebody else pay.

Before the movie, we went to Cleveland Wok with Tony and Brian. We all had the buffet, which is always delicious, and then headed to Uptown. We went to the squat little Landmark Theater and bought our tickets. Standing out in the lobby, waiting for time to pass before the movie started, Brian and Tony said Alan was coming.
Yup. He came to the movie, and I loved him, and we peed our pants, and then went back to Mitch's dorm to play Guitar Hero and Buzzword. I also got an hour-long massage from the lovely Alan Henry (Juell, not my dad). He worked so much on it, it hurt. He owed me for all that time in the fall when he wasn't around to give me one.

Today, I've got a lot of homework and such to do. Mitch has Student Org. training and then he's going out with Aunt Sharon to see There Will Be Blood (and he's getting his usual free meal), so I'll have plenty of alone time to get everything done.
I have:
*160 pages of The Power of Myth to read.
*A short essay on the history of LGBTQIA to write.
*My Effective Writing essay on video games to revise.
*A scholarship application to complete.
*The ELP application to begin.
*Augsburg transcripts (transfer credits, fall, and spring) to compile.
*Interpersonal Comm. chapter 4 to take notes on.

That's all.
I'm incredibly excited for my meeting with Rob tomorrow. Wish me luck--MoA is humongous.

OH YEAH: Hillary Clinton is speaking at Augsburg tomorrow. Just so y'all know.

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