Monday, February 4, 2008

me me me me me me porpoise

Yeah yeah, Giants!
Some part of me was rooting for the Patriots, just because they got that far, but the other part of me--the kind that likes when things end the opposite way everybody assumes, wanted the Giants to win. And they did! It was a miracle, blah blah blah, because the Patriots--despite losing--were a ridiculously good team, but they lost and there you are.
Alan also gave me another two hour massage: Mitch and I, after sitting in the Augsburg parking lot for twenty minutes because traffit was so bad (Hillary Clinton spoke at Augsburg, remember?), went to Tony and Brian's to watch the game. Brian was at his family's usual shindig, but Alan, Tony, and a couple of his friends were there.

I had my meeting with Rob today: it was incredibly informative and above all, a nice chat (that lasted about two hours). When I got to MoA (after riding the light rail, which I love), I went to Barnes and Noble to get a phrasebook. I then went to Starbucks, where we were supposed to meet, and we did, and he was nice and all those things you'd like a person to be. I feel a lot more comfortable about the scarier aspects of Japan, such as getting lost: he said I would, and that's all right. I shouldn't be afraid of asking people for help, because the Japanese people love to aid others--and they'll more than likely get a kick out of hearing me ask for directions in either English or Japanese. We also talked about toilets, sake (which I'll get to have, even though I'm underage--because believe it or not, the rest of the world doesn't have a drinking problem like the U.S.), and naked, public baths--which I will be using.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering: as you may already know, Barack Obama sold out his rally at the Target Center. But what's more is all those people showed up. The Target Center, seating around 20,000, was filled!
I love Barack Obama. He is teh shiz.

I may be adding Groven quotes before Liberating Letters is completed--I'll probably be more likely to discuss day to day things, when they happen, then after the class is done, as I did with Scholar Citizen.

Ai shite i mas! (I love you.)
Do i ta shi mash te! (You're welcome).
My two new phrases.
Also, su goy! (Oh my god!)--to be used during sex, as my new phrasebook tells me.

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