Sunday, February 10, 2008

Magna Tootsie Pop

I've discovered one of the most disturbing movies ever created.
It's called The Blue Lagoon, and was criticized across the motion picture arena as being impossibly terrible.
Despite, because of, or regardless of this, the movie--about two children who become stranded on an island when their ship sinks--and their ascent into adulthood and thus, puberty and subsequently sex. The whole film is incredibly unnerving: two naked hotties. One's a naked hottie man and the other is a naked hottie woman. I practically called up Mitch and asked him to come over it got me so physically charged. And that's different than what you think. It was just like a weird and creepy aphrodisiac that scared me a lot at the same time because I felt slightly naughty watching it because the actors are trying to portray relatively young teenagers. Of course, the two get pregnant and the kid ends up ruining their lives by eating poisonous berries ("dead'n'berries") and, giving up on life (did I mention they get stranded at sea as well?), they decide to eat a handful of the killers and off they go to naked hottie heaven.
It's a horribly depressing ending that falsely gives people hope (the couple's relative finds them and says "they're just sleeping," but upon a close Wiki reading, one finds out there's a sequel to this movie/novel to begin with and the first line of that is "No, they're dead."
Dreadful, isn't it? It gave me a whole lotta feelings all at once; it was like one of those bad dreams that start off well but end with your death or your partner's death or your mom's death--or people ridiculing you about something you can't change.

I completed my CIEE financial aid scholarship essay today during the movie; I also finished the Emerging Leaders Program responses. The entire application is due the 15th, so I'm glad I got it out of the way--as I have other things to pay attention to, like a group research paper for Small Group Comm., along with our activism project to get jammin' on.
When I emailed CIEE to ask if they would consider a letter of recommendation in my financial aid application, a lady emailed me back saying it'd be highly unlikely. I really feel I should include one anyway--it surely can't hurt, can it? I'm not sure who to ask at this point--there are, of course, professors whom I've made connections with, but it's a fary cry from the relationships I had at the end of my senior year of high school.
Speaking of that, I desperately need to email Mikla to tell him how life is and see what's happenin' at the soon-to-be-crap-whole. (Cutting fourteen teachers as a result of a community-voted referendum counts as a crappy situation, right?)

I had Eric and Mitch over tonight. I was supposed to finish Twilight Princess while they watched, but within a few minutes of starting, I decided to wait until tomorrow: Mitch poked fun at Midna--and that is a no-go in my house. I never liked playing crucial moments of Zelda around people anyway. It's nothing compared to when I play Kingdom Hearts, however: that's a whole other experience. From the moment I turn on the PS2 to approximately five to ten minutes after I finish, the house better be damn quiet or I've gotta open up a can of get exceptionally cranky and whoop major ass.
Back to Mitch and Eric: I turned off the Wii and we watched The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford--a two hour and fourty minute movie that was worth every minute of it in some discrete way--despite there being a number of long pauses and unneeded conversation. It made me happier than The Blue Lagoon, that's for sure.

I'm in bed typing this and wondering how I forgot to check CNN before I crawled under the covers. Last time we turned it on, they projected Obama would win both Nebraska and Washington state. What was truly upsetting me even in the midst of these victories, however, is that with the superdelegates being essential in this tight race, Hillary is still winning. Despite Obama having won more states than her. Way to exert inadvertantly given power over the rest of America, you conceited asses.

Mom and Bob's anniversary is on the 15th--don't let me forget. Also don't let me forget Valentine's Day is on the 14th--I have no idea what I'm getting Mitch yet, although I'm sure he told me on the way home. I hate not remembering things when I really should.

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