Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'll have wisdom with my tea, please

I've got a wicked bruise developing from badminton today. Tyler and I were no longer partners--I was with Chris. We narrowly lost both games (by about three points each time), but, nonetheless, they were excellent games. Anyway, the bruise on my left arm is from the racket's handle hitting my wrist every time I hit the birdie. It's funny I haven't gotten a bruise before now...was I holding the racket differently?

During lunch, Annika told me she'd be working in Admissions this summer! I asked Brenda what she meant, because I left without remembering to ask Annika, and Brenda said something about helping Carrie out. That's exciting: I can't wait to have Annika around the office!

I've decided I'm going to declare my major. I printed out the declaration form at the library and am planning to filling it out sometime in the next week. I haven't decided what will be my second major or minor, so I'm not going to worry about that right now: I can always add that stuff, but I'm set on majoring in Communication Studies. It's my type of subject: relative, situational, (at least I believe) something I can excel at...Mom agrees.

I talked to Mom tonight while working on my Effective Writing essay--which turned out to be a jumble of ideas in list form. I put a disclaimer at the top of my page, even though I don't appreciate doing that any other time (example: Don't tell me you're speech sucks! Just do it!). I just felt as if I should explain to my peer readers why I'm the only person in the class without an actual rough draft essay.

I called the Step Up office and left a message saying I'd be at the Gala tomorrow, although I would be taking photos for Admissions and would not be participating in the festivities. I mentioned that I'll be wearing a name tag (which I created earlier) signed by Carrie to get me through the red tape/$50.

I had a Small Group Comm. meeting at 7:30--we discussed what we each have so far for our presentation on March 5. Ryan couldn't make it: he had to work, but we contacted him via email--that wonderful invention.
I really enjoy working with the group I'm in: we get things done quickly, and it's all very good. I told them that I'd get a budget hammered out this weekend so we can start asking for money from the college and QSU ASAP.

I'll end with this:
Mom said something very wise and very deep tonight while we chatted. I was talking to her about how I'm fed up with bureaucratic organizations that don't get anything done--but have all the potential to. I brought up a few names and compared one specific person to an old band-mate who, after being appointed Drum Major with me in 2005, decided her duties were not important anymore. Mom agreed and understood my comparison, and then said this: "I'll tell you a secret. That one girl that you want to go away, never will. She will just have a different face."

Food for thought.

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Alan said...

With bureaucracy nothing works well, without it, nothing works.