Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tuesdays are usually my lazy days, but there was certainly no room to be lazy!
I had Colin look over my scholarship essay for CIEE--he did some mechanical fixes, and then told me what he felt was strongest about the essay in terms of convincing a committee that I'm worth their money (I value his opinion greatly, as he's part of the essay-reading committee for the President's Scholarship). I fixed the things he mentioned tonight and now am ready to send everything out tomorrow! Yipee.

I'm a little scared about my Liberating Letters grade. Our brief wasn't that good--I did a quick read through when I got to class, and there were spelling and mechanical errors all over the place. I'm really a stickler about those sort of things--and more importantly--I know Bob is. I wanted to talk to him about it after class, but I got hung up on asking him about the epal project. Which, by the way, is now a definite go: he gave me permission to head the pilot project and he also said he could get me a list of the contact information for the alumni. I'm excited: I'll email the people who said they were interested in helping me and tell them the news soon--and then we have to recruit a few more people who'd like to do it, and then we're set! (Give or take a few logistics, of course).

I don't think I'm going to Foundations of Fitness tomorrow morning. It's going to be a semi-late night again tonight--and last night was incredibly late!--so I'll sleep an extra hour, go to work an hour later, and not go to class. We're allowed two free days, so I may as well take advantage of them when my health calls for it.
I can't wait until Foundations and badminton are over so I can sleep in a few hours later every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I appreciate having room cut into my day for exercise (working out makes me feel good...all those endorphins), but I've got a lot of things to cram into this semester, and I may find myself unable to get to sleep exactly at eleven--and when that happens, waking up the next morning at 6:40 is just no fun for that time or for the rest of the day: it makes me lethargic and apathetic about my work--which affects my final grades!

Colin gave me another two days to revise my revised essay. How neat! I also have homework due in his class, however (a semi-hard summary/response to an article about my next paper topic: sex education in schools), so it's not as if I'm getting off easy.

I found out my job for Scholarship Weekend (other than hosting a student): watching luggage. Mitch is jealous: it means all I have to do is sit and do homework, read, or play my Gameboy. I'm unsure of which I'll end up doing.

Tomorrow is another big day full of a bunch of stuff: voice lessons, scholarship app mailing, possibly a studio class (which I still am incredibly upset about having to attend).

One more thing: Barack Obama is again the master of everything that is awesome.
Two more things: Hillary Clinton accused him of plagarism AGAIN. What a boob.

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