Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ichi home, tiger!


I found out during Small Group Comm. that I'd volunteered (or, rather, lost at rock/paper/scissors) to write the intro to our paper. I absolutely positively forgot--it wasn't even written in my planner--and when that happens, you know I won't remember whatever it was.

I have a Liberating Letters test tomorrow on Campbell's typology and The Odyssey. From what I hear along the grapevine is that his tests are so hard he has to create a curve for people to do well in his class. Youch.
We also start the first trial tomorrow. I had no idea it came up so fast. Josh, Annika, Nate, and I met tonight in the coffee shop to separate which parts of the trial we each would do tomorrow. I picked the opening statement and the charge that Odysseus used his cunning and decietful tactics to better mainly himself--whereas "real" heroes use deceit and lies only when necessary.
(Example: on Helios' island, Odysseus fails to tell his comrades that they will perish if they eat the god's oxen. Instead, he tells them something bad will happen. And so, not heeding the pathetic warning, his fellows eat the oxen of the sun (the herd of Helios Hyperion!) and are subsequently destroyed once disembarking for sea. Odysseus, the only one having known death would be imminent if the oxen were eaten, survives. He served himself by keeping the dire information secret.

I also have a meeting with a financial aid counselor at 3 P.M. (meaning I'll have to leave class a few minutes early). We're going to discuss my financial aid worksheet for CIEE--he has to fill out things like "Did I receive scholarships for the past year of college?" "How am I paying for college? Through loans and scholarships, or with out-of-pocket money?"
Hopefully the answers he'll put benefit me--I can't go to Japan without scholarships!!

I'm bogged down right now--and will be until approximately ten tomorrow night.
I can do that. It's only a day--and then Wednesday comes and Mitch and I go buy each other's Valentine's gifts, and then on Friday we head to Ichibans for a date! Huzzah.

I've started the Twilight Princess review--I'm chugging away at it, bit by bit. Expect to see it by late Wednesday/early-esque Thursday.

One more thing: my phrase for today is "Watashi wa samui des." It means "I am cold."

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