Friday, February 22, 2008

The house that Susano'o built

I went to Foss for work in the Comm. office today, but Kristen wasn't there! I waited until, I thought, about ten after, and then went to Admissions and did some work for Mary. I saw Kristen later that day, and she said she came in at about eight after. So, whenever I left or she got there, I must have just missed her.
Today begins the long trek of Scholarship Weekend. I can't wait until tomorrow: I get to help lead a group around!
I picked up the student I'm hosting today at 4:15--Amy has a student as well (we had no idea we'd be having two, but it'll). We brought them to our room, then took them back to the chapel to hear a speaker (I think it was Bob Groven). Later this evening, students from everywhere and Augsburg went to evening activities: Ferris Bueller's Day Off (I bet Quanbeck picked that out. :P), the women's hockey game, or hip hop and tagging in the TV studio. I went to that for a little bit to take pictures, although I realized it was too dark everywhere to get any decent photos. The whole chapel area lighting has never cooperated with my artistic endeavors.
Before I went to the hip hop/tagging event, I stopped at the library to print off my Queer Talent Show fliers (because I'd finally downloaded iPrint, which allows me to access campus printers from my laptop), but nothing worked. I tried for a half hour and even asked a technician to see if she could figure something out, but nothing worked. BOO. I'll try reinstalling everything, although I doubt that will work. Speaking of things not working, I still can't hook the cameras up to my computer. I used to be able to, but lately they've been crapping out.
I'm going to work on my Small Group Comm. project tonight: I feel like creating a PowerPoint, so I'll do that--and then go to sleep. I'll need it: I'm supposed to be in Foss at 8:45 tomorrow morning.
Gambatte! (It means "good luck.") I learned it for my students.

Knowing certain realities or facts about drinking (such as that America has statistically apparent problems with alcoholism and drunk driving), how do you propose we transition to a country without these issues? Do you think we can ever get out of the irresponsible rut we're in? Do you think our youth (and adults) will learn to behave appropriately with alcohol?
I'm unsure of exactly where I stand, but I believe that like many countries who don't have as large of an issue with alcohol, a whole new cultural view of alcohol will have to be achieved (such as not drinking to get drunk...essentially changing the whole nature of drinking). Do you think this requires a lowering of the legal drinking age?

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