Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy mask buyer

Today was awesome. AWESOME. Even though I didn't get nearly as much homework done as I'd hoped.
I got up bright and early, just like I was supposed to, and met my fellow Admissions staff in the foyer of Foss to receive my goodies and materials for our trek around campus. We got assigned to groups and, then met with the prospective "peeps" (as I subsequently called them the rest of the morning), and headed out for the essay portion of their competition. I'd planned on reading Galileo during this time, but to no avail. I sat in the Honors Suite for a little bit, talking to Sam, and then went back out into the hallway to help deal out printed essays.
We then took our group to the Honors Suite to be talked to by Sam (about the Suite, the Program, etc.). The few upper-class students in the room seemed either annoyed or disgruntled about the things Sam talked about (such as how Colin quit and wrote a nasty article for the Echo), but I believe that the students have a right to know that the Honors Program is not for everyone. I can't count how many fellow first years have told me in casual conversation that if they knew what the Program consisted of (a semester of research, uneventful and unproductive house meetings), they wouldn't have joined. It's that simple: it is not a perfect fit for every person in every major. Colin, who could not have completed his double major of Film and English while in the Program, took the responsibility to quit. He didn't, of course, have to lash out with somewhat unrealistic remarks, but he had the right to pull out of the Program.
Sam explained that.
They have the right to know.
Anyway, after the Honors Suite, I took my section (which included Sara!) over to the basement of Foss for interviews. I sat and talked to Shira and Erin about various things, and once everybody was done interviewing, I took them over to Gateway for the panel, where they got to ask current Honors students questions about the program, Augsburg in general, and the scholarships they're competing for. I decided that I will, one day, erupt in a ball of fury over the commonly misspoken "Presidential Scholarship" (when it's actually the President's Scholarship). I didn't know this until just a few weeks ago when Marissa(?) explained it to me--she obviously found it just as annoying as I now do.
After the panel, we took the full group to the cafeteria (the slightly beautified cafeteria) and had lunch: roasted potatoes, chicken, beans, rolls, salad, and for dessert, cheesecake. Mitch and I sat by Lily, her mom, her overnight host, and her interviewers. They said she did incredibly well, and I'm terribly excited for her. :)
After lunch, we said goodbye to Lily and Sara and then went back up to Mitch's room to chill. Mitch and Charles had to take down the equipment from Friday's hip-hop event, but before and after that, we (minus Charles) got to snuggle. He left at a little after seven to go see Brian and Tony, and here I am, pretending to do my homework.

Last thoughts for today:
1) Nader is a stupid poopy-head for entering the race and screwing everything up. Don't let him fool you and take your precious vote away!
2) CNN is being a little wiotch. I'll be unbiased and admit that when Barack was in the middle of his win-streak, they played the stories they posted on their website up to him. But now, even though she hasn't won in a month, Clinton is getting all the good coverage and Barack is getting the bad.
I hate the media.

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