Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bullets in my tea

The Liberating Letters test was postponed again! Joy to me. We started the trial still, today though. I nailed the opening statement (although it kind of made me sad to read off a paper), and I think we presented our case logically enough that the jury bought it. The defense still has to present their counterattack on Thursday, though, so we'll see what happens.
Overall, it was a high-octane class with a few nasty remarks by the defense toward our members, but Groven calmed everybody down.

I met with a financial aid counselor today after class--his name was Eric. He figured out that I'm eligible for another $11,000 in loans--that means that even if I didn't raise any money before I left, I could still go (although I probably wouldn't: I can't afford another $9000 in loan payments after I graduate). We talked about payment methods and how I should go about organizing everything. It seems a little less scary now--and as long as I pay off my student account before I register, everything will be hunky dory.

I got through everything just fine today--and in Mother's suit! It fits me well.

Oh--before I forget--my phrase for today is "Watashi wa isoi dei mas." It means "I'm in a hurry."

I made a few flier-type pieces for the Queer Talent Show QSU is sponsering on March 6th, but as always, when I finished them, I remembered it's impossible to get them printed in color at the library--as the library computers don't have the fonts I used installed. And for some ridiculous reason, the library charges students to use the copy machine, but they can print out as many copies as they want on the regular printers.
There might be a vaild reason for this, but I surely can't think of one.

Kristen finished proofreading our research paper--there aren't that many things to fix, which means it'll be relatively easy sailing until Friday when the paper is due. Of course, we have to get thinking about our teaching project, but we've got a good few weeks before we have to present it.
I do, however, have a paper due in Interpersonl Comm. in a few weeks: the epal response. My epal had better pick up the pace, that silly man!

I'm interested in doing an essay (even a short one) on the harmful effects of teaching abstinence in schools. I think telling children if they have sex, they will get STDs and have babies is criminal. Children should be taught to be responsible with their sexual activity--to wear condoms and refrain from spreading viruses to other people.
But to tell them not to have it at all?
Why? Sex has innumerable health-benefits: it reduces stress, brightens your complexion, boosts your mood, and keeps you fit.
Is teaching abstinence accepted because the U.S. still runs on the faith of its Christians and not on more pragmatic solutions?

I'll think through this a bit more before delving farther into the topic--right now my ideas and positions are too random to make coherent points.

One more thing: way to go, Uno the beagle!

Two more thing: way to go, Barack!

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