Sunday, February 17, 2008

Both lint and lindt in my mouth

Yay, friends!

Mitch and I woke up late in the morning, showered, and then I cleaned for about two hours while he helped (that means he did a couple things) and rented movies. Alan got lost on the way to Augsburg because he didn't realize Augsburg Academy is a high school and Augsburg College is where we go. So he ended up in downtown St. Paul for a while, but made it here thanks to the coaching of Mitch. We left for the train station and rode the light rail down to the mall, where we poked around for about ten minutes until Tony, Brian, and Katie arrived. We met them in the Apple store and then headed to Lego Land, where I bought Mitch two boxes of castle-themed legos. One is a catapult, but he hasn't opened the other yet and I forgot what it is.
After Lego Land, we went to GameStop--both Brian and I were looking for old games: he's on the lookout for Xenosaga III and I'm searching for Okami and Katamari Damacy. Still no luck for either of us, even though we went to two GameStops inside the mall.
We ate in the food court and I hated it: too greasy for my sensitive tummy. I had some yogurt when we got back to help ease my pain.
After the mall, we crammed into Katie's car and came back to Augsburg, where we played Guitar Hero II, watched Family Guy and Lucky Number Slevin, and then played Wii Play for a couple hours (Alan and Brian played the strategy/army tank game for a full hour--it was hilarious to watch, unexpectedly). I also got a massage from Alan and made butterscotch pudding and blueberry muffins, which weren't as good as usual--Mom convinced me to get another brand.
They left at one-something, and although Mitch wanted to watch an episode of The Sopranos, I wouldn't hear of it, so I'm blogging and then we're going to sleep.

TCM is having a full month of Oscar-winning movies from all eras, and that makes me incredibly excited: they're playing Seven Samurai and Rashomon--two historical Japanese movies that helped bring Japanese film to Western culture.

Tomorrow I'll write my Liberating Letters trial brief and hopefully convince the others of the Crockett House Firm that writing their own will be the most efficient means of completing the entire brief by Tuesday. It also benefits me, as I'm lazy and don't care to venture out of the dorm on Sundays.

One more thing: after I finish Super Mario Galaxy, I could probably take advantage of the fact that I spent money of God of War when it first came out and actually complete/begin the game.

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Alan said...

I found my way all by myself. Mitch just told me the exit on 94 to use. My own cunning Swedish brain found the way.