Monday, January 28, 2008

Eating my octopus, June

Yeeeaaah, Bill!
He was my partner in badminton today. We smashed the competition: 2-0. Bill's a senior, but he may not be in the class the whole (four weeks?) we still have it--there's a job he might be taking. Too bad, Bill!
Today was nice, although I miss having actual lunches on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Now I just have granola bars and Ritz crackers. And I ate all the crackers, so now I only have granola bars.
Foundations was fun, as usual: I did twenty-five minutes of cardio on the elliptical, then five on the strength machines.
Go Barack! Way to get Ted Kennedy's endorsement! You rock and roll, good sir.
I typed the rough draft of my video game paper for Effective Writing tonight, although it took longer than it should have because I kept getting distracted by the subject I was researching and the State of the Union (Bush's last, hoorah!).
Of course, he spoke about how the "war," is going "well," and we're "bringing justice to our enemies." He also spoke about Iran being bad and evil and all that Bush-y stuff. Even though recent research and observations have shown Iran to be more negotiable than Bush would like us to think.
That's what upsets me. It's like he doesn't listen to sense. He doesn't listen to us, or Congress, or anybody. Baka.
I emailed Rob Imrie tonight--he's the friend of David Lapakko's that he agreed to get me in contact with about Japan. I asked him if he would like to meet this weekend at MoA; that way, I can take the light rail. He offered to have me over at his house so his wife could make lunch, but that's A) much too kind, and B) impossible, since I don't have a car down here, and I'm not going to see if Mitch will drive me, because that'd be silly and a waste of his time.
I met with Frankie today to have her sign my credit agreement. She told me "congratulations," on my engagement; she said Mitch told her about it. He would, that sweetheart.
Speaking of sweethearts, I am all ready for those delicious and hard candy hearts. I hope to Amaterasu, though, that I don't get a box filled with hearts that say "LOL" or "H0tti4u," or other ridiculously unintelligible things.
I'm avidly awaiting physical news of Sarah and Lily's scholarship applications. I like to know the person behind the paper.
I've got a butt-ton to do in addition to the things I've already done, including finishing The Odyssey and filling out the ten page CIEE application. But I can do it! I've had busier days. ^.^

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