Saturday, January 26, 2008

Strawberry cigars in my strip club

Mitch encouraged me to do nothing today--until late in the evening. We watched TV (I kept a close watch on one thing in particular, which I'll detail later). At eight, we left for Buca di Beppo to meet Tony, Brian, Katie, and her friend, whose name I think is Karly (she's cute and crazy). While Mitch stayed safe with the chicken saltimbocca, I tried salmon with pesto and potatoes. It was delicious! It made me realize how long it's been since I had FISH. And I'm not talking fish sticks, because that's different. Breaded fish is incredibly different from non-breaded fish (although arguably still very yummy). The last time I had salmon was at Pam and Bruce's (my aunt and uncle) when my family took a vacation to their house in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The house was gorgeous--it overlooked a "hill," meaning a small mountain, to me. I got my own room complete with high-speed internet connection. I'll be honest, I basically forum-ed the whole time I was in Colorado. I sort of regret it, but then again, I don't, because that was when I discovered the magnificent world of Access InuYasha. It was neat; one late night, I was posting, and I found a profile of a girl who seemed vaguely familiar. It turned out Taryn had found the website as well. Coincidental, eh? I remember my trip by various InuYasha pictures, red stones, and Bath and Body Works lavender pillow spray, which I haven't been able to find in stores since.

Anyway, after Buca, we went to St. Thomas and played Buzz Word, then Catch Phrase. I adore Catch Phrase--I even have it, but rarely get to play it because it requires so many people.

So back to watching TV: I studied CNN for a couple hours--most specifically toward the end of the South Carolina Democratic Primary!!
Have you heard about the glorious victory of the amazingly talented politician, Barack Obama? Well, he smeared the floor with Clinton and Edwards innards. He won in essentially all captions (save middle aged/older white males...go figure as much for a state like South Carolina, where the Confederate flag is flown on the lawn of the courthouse).
Not only did Obama outright win the popular vote, but he received more pledged delegates than either other candidate. That man and his supporters are fantastic.
I'm absolutely excited for Super Tuesday, where there will be full opportunities for regular voters like you and I, and delegates, to express their desire to see somebody like Barack Obama, who represents us all--and not the status quo--inside the Oval Office.

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