Thursday, January 31, 2008

soup and gravel

Kristen said at work today that I'll get my letter of rec., etc. tomorrow morning. Then I can mail everything (as soon as I find my checkbook and pay them $30). Don't let me forget to call the bank and transfer some money. Or else...I wonder if Mother can still do it...
I love Interpersonal Communication! It's such an interesting subject.
In place of going to Effective Writing today, we went to a teach-in for Focus the Nation, which is a big rally-esque thing for government and individual support for ecologically-friendly choices and movements. The first speaker wasn't very good at doing so; the second was all right, and the third talked about something I'd never thought of and wasn't incredibly interested in. It was also all very short, which was unexpected and sort of unenjoyed. Too bad.
The California Democratic Debate was tonight: Barack and Hillary. I don't believe either won; both had strengths and weaknesses. Although, it's interesting to note how kind they were to one another. All discussions were at the very least within the lines of cordial, civilized argumentation, and more often than not, they blatently agreed with what the other was saying, or has done in the past.
I sent Ember and Tracy a message asking if they wanted to go to the Barack rally at the Target Center this Saturday. Ember can't, Tracy hasn't replied, but it's no use anyway: tickets sold out (improper word choice, considering they're free) from under my nose. I got incredibly upset--I felt tears! He's such a marvelous speaker; he gives me tingles.
Mitch had to work tonight for Phone-a-Thon. He gets higher pay to call people (alumni, etc.) and ask them for money. It's three hours a week or something like that.
Ben said today in work that students who work 40+ hours a week during the summer (while taking at most approximately two weeks off) get a discount on their housing. Good for me in a year when I'll be taking summer classes...not good for me this summer when I'll be on campus--working--but I'll also be gone for a month. Mitch and I have to discuss what we're going to do for summer housing so I can figure it all out and get it out of the front lines of my brain.
Tomorrow we're going out with Tony and Brian: first to dinner (Chinese), and then to No Country for Old Men. We're desperate to see it since it's bound to win a butt-load of Oscars. closes tonight at 12 A.M. Poo!
I would love for Pokemon to be real. That would be a dream come true, honestly. Wouldn't it be neat? I like to think of which Pokemon I'd have if they were. So many choices!
Which Pokemon would you have? For all purposes, let's just assume that you can, like the games, only hold six Pokemon at once. And that, although you can use Bill or Lanette's storage system for other Pokemon, you must have a main six that constitutes the answer to this question.
So what are they? I think this will have to be an ongoing effort from me today: something to keep me distracted when I'm bored between classes.

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