Friday, January 25, 2008

Sexy mint massage for Metis

I couldn't focus the whole day. I worked this morning in the Comm. office, then went to Foundations of Fitness--I did circuit training today. I'm wholly positive I'll be incredibly sore tomorrow. I then had work in Admissions, then my Small Group. Comm. meeting. We discussed our research paper and who would get what sources. I picked historical and modern international LGBTQIA issues and trends. I then had badminton, and my lethargy showed--my partner (Spencer) and I gained only about eight points over two games.
The ASAC All-Nighter is tonight. I'll be taking my camera there to take pictures for Homemade--so be looking for those the next few weeks.
It's going to be so much fun: they're going to have a mini-golf course set up outside the Fishbowl, they have big inflatable basketball things and big inflatable climby things. And, of course, lots of free food, which is a major reason lots of people go.
I want to do some reading tonight (assigned reading, which can sometimes be as fun as personal reading--as in the case with The Odyssey), but I doubt I'll get to it. I'm sick of school work, so what'll probably happen is I'll push all my homework until the weekend starts, which is even worse of an idea, but so many people seem to believe is the better choice.

Poor Mitch: he's got to be at the All-Nighter until about five tonight/tomorrow morning. He's been running around all week--he never gets a break! I'll have to pamper him tomorrow with a massage and other things.

Here's a story: Mitch has been calling me to bring him things that he forgot. He didn't give me his fab, so I had to sneak in every time I went back up to the room. Well usually, when I have to sneak up, I ask whoever is opening the door if I can sneak up with them, because it is technically their decision, and I feel that when I speak to them and ask, I seem less creepy. Well, the first time I had to sneak up yesterday, I asked the person opening the door if they would let me come in too. It turned out that I asked the Director of Residence Life. She snapped at me about needing an escort to get into buildings I don't live in. I snapped back, inside, that maybe she should give personal exceptions for first years and requiring them to live in Urness.
Then, the second time I had to sneak up, I ended up stupidly asking the Director of Public Safety. He was at least nicer about saying no. Anyway, way to go, Ali, you baka.


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