Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rorty and panda's bored, man

I'm feeling better!
Today, Mitch and I woke up at ten o'clock when the alarm went off to tell us we'd better get ready to go: his cousin Leah's birthday party was today. We drove to Anoka, which is where she lives with her dad, Steve, who is Mitch's naughty uncle. I met Scooby, their enormous black lab; although, I contest that it's a full-breed--he's simply so huge. He did, however, have that lab tail; I got happily and painfully whipped a few times. We then left for Mansetti's, a dingy but neat pizza place in Andover. Yes, it was pizza again, much to my huge disdain, as you may have guessed. The appetizer cheese bread and sauce were delicious, though. The sauce was meaty, which I rarely ever get when ordering anything that requires that sort of of sauce. Mitch and I got Leah an Augsburg sweatshirt, but in order to make it last a little longer, we're exchanging it for a medium. After lunch, Sheri took us to Target to get toilet paper and to look for a humidifier for our room. We ended up finding one at Linens 'n Things; she bought if for us: so kind!!

I messaged Sara a few days back while at work: she seems to be doing well with her scholarship process, etc.

We had Brian and Tony over tonight as well. First we watched Superbad, which I've already seen and am not a giant fan of. I preferred Knocked Up. I don't deny that Superbad is funny, because it is; it's just not a favorite of mine. After the movie, we played WarioWare, then Guitar Hero 2, and then Shipwreck. Following that we watched the last moments of the Steelers-Jaguars game (the Jaguars won; it was a close game!), and then we turned on Saturday Night Live and played Jenga. Brian wouldn't play it with us, and we only ended up playing one round because, apparently, all Tony desired out of it was to yell "JENGA!!!!!" as loud as possible when the tower fell. Shortly after, both left for St. Thomas; Mitch and I are going to bed soon.

Oh! I forgot to mention: I bought a little massager at Linens 'n Things: it's pink, has a hand grippy, and vibrates. It's fantastic. This way, Mitch can give me a massage and his hands don't get tired, and I can give Mitch a massage, period (it's fairly difficult for me otherwise, to grip his shoulders since he's such a broad man).

I have discovered a new website, that I will probably end up buying something ridiculous from someday. Or maybe not, but at least I have the option: It has, as you may assume, a multitude of obnoxiously cute things ranging from memo pads to mobile accessories. I've been contemplating a few objects that involve Alice, seals, and dinosaurs.

I sent Lily a message today and asked her how the decision process is coming along. She said it's Augsburg, basically for sure! I am extremely happy about this. She also mentioned her application for the Presidential scholarship. I bet she'll do great. :)

One more thing: Mitch drove us over to the Hollywood video store earlier to pick up Superbad, and I also convinced him to get The Devil's Backbone. We additionally got Paris, Je T'aime, which I'm unsure about but shouldn't be, considering the big names involved in its making. Also, Mitch said he would bring me back to the store on Tuesday before we leave for Grandma's so I can get the third and fourth InuYasha movies, and Jungle Emperor, Kimba the White Lion (which you may want to check out: it's essentially/controversially the predecessor of Disney's The Lion King).

What do you think is more "real," or "true": visualizing or observing? Think about times internally visualized something that no one else could possibly see, and thus, could not fully comprehend. What about a time you positively saw something (as in, your retinas picked up the light, etc.) but no one else did and thus, no one believed you.
Which of these is the more frustrating? Which makes you feel inferior to others? Superior? Which do you personally trust more?

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