Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Radient Garden Hollow Bastion

Today was neat.
Class was ordinary. I had Small Group Communication with David Lapakko and that all went well, etc. Work was the strangest. I brought my iPod for Amber, Joe, and I to listen to while we worked, and apparently Amber loves Kanye West's Stronger. So we listened to it twice while she, Sam, and Mary danced. It was hilarious, as one would assume.
For some reason, it seems that things have suddenly snuck up on me. I've got a lot of work to do--and none of it is truly difficult, but there's so much of it to do! Mitch said he would take me to get my passport pictures taken this weekend, so I can finally send in my CIEE application. Then, it'll all be 100% official!
Poor Mitch. He's had more than me to do, and he's being pretty good about it. He hasn't gotten snappy at me or disregarded my cleaning prowess. :)
Speaking of dorm room, I feel we may have found ourselves a living arrangement for next year! Nothing is for-sure at this point, but we may end up living in Luther Hall (New Hall's new name), and we'd each have our own bedrooms! Our own bedrooms, two bathrooms, a FULL kitchen--COMPLETE WITH DISHWASHER (liek, omg, wtf!!!111), and a living room. I'm terribly excited and sincerely hope we get it. It costs more to live in such a place, but those living in Luther Hall don't need a meal plan, so it all balances out (and in some ways, is cheaper than Mort).

I poked around on the internet for a little bit last night to let off some stress steam, and revisited the KHU wikipedia site. Somebody (I strongly suspect Steven) added a history page, written by Pete, but complete with my KHU Pledge of Allegiance. I private-messaged him and asked him how the hell he found that. As swear I came up with that in my early days--long before I was Head Greeter or anything fun like that.
The link to that particular page is this:

Tomorrow I plan to go into the Admissions Office to work instead of the Comm. Office--Deborah won't be in tomorrow.
OH! Speaking of Deb, we met this morning, and guess what? She's letting me substitute Intercultural Communication for my Japanese Business and Management course over in Japan! That means as part of the Comm. core, I'll take Business and Professional Speaking. Then, I'll "take" Intercultural Comm. as part of my emphasis, but it will already have been "taken," because Deb is awesome and all that jazz.
I'm going to have so many electives--I'll for sure fit in a double major or a couple minors. :)

I have more things to do.

P.S. I wrote my introduction for the video game "electronic arts" essay, and instead of letting myself become heated in argument with invisible people, I plan to take the higher road and show my readers why video games need to become respected by the arts industry and the common person.

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