Monday, January 7, 2008

Peg-legged Pegasus

Wow! I have so many fun things planned for the next few days:
Tomorrow, I have a meeting with Amy from the Study Abroad office at ten; after that, I head over to the Communications office to meet with Kristen; then I work in Admissions; after that, Mitch will take me over to Grandma's house to stay the night; that evening is the New Hampshire primary (c'mon, Barack Obama); Wednesday morning, Mom will pick me up and bring me to Milaca; at one o'clock I have a dentist appointment; at three o'clock, I have a hair appointment with Kirsten, and then it's ALI TIME!
I don't get to see Mitch until Sunday, though, which is a bummer; but, he's heading to Chicago to have fun business times.

We're watching another apparent chick-flick again: Wimbledon. It seems to be on quite a bit, and whenever it is and Mitch finds it, we end up watching about a half hour yet. And thus, it is one more film I'll only ever see bits and pieces of. Like Gangs of New York.

I have a lot of things to remember for tomorrow: my Falling cutting, my study abroad notes, and I have to pack!

The laws of nature: have they always existed, or have they simply been constructed by people to explain things unknown or misunderstood?
I'm fascinated by this question. Laws of nature are seemingly unquestionable. But are they?

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