Friday, January 18, 2008

Oranges for foxes and proxies

Today I felt much better. Mitch and I got to sleep last night at about twenty after eleven--which isn't eleven, my target time, but it's better than twelve: at least we got some before-midnight sleep!
Classes were pretty fun today. In Interpersonal Comm., we talked through the main points of chapter one and then watched an episode of Chuck to evaluate interpersonal connections/strengths/weaknesses based on what we learned in the chapter. Effective Writing was super cool, because we discussed reality TV and its effect (or lack thereof) on society. My group argued that taking reality TV away would be an infringement on people's second amendment rights, but that doesn't make it good for video as an art form, nor does it contribute anything practical to society or those who watch it, save entertainment. Liberating Letters was also neat: we discussed, like on Tuesday, archetype characters such as the hero/warrior and the helper/follower. It's fun, because although we're talking about those things in order to better comprehend and appreciate the Odyssey, in the meanwhile we apply the characters to specifics in books like The Hobbit and the Harry Potter series. Bob's read them all--I can tell because when answering a question, I mentioned "...when Harry goes into the forest at the end of the last book," and he knew exactly what I was talking about. So cool!
I had to pee the whole class period, which was disappointing because it made me fidget.
I only have one more hour to work this week in order to reach twenty--that's including blogs, however, so I don't actually get to calculate my time until next week when I know how many I posted.
I didn't technically have any homework tonight--tomorrow I have classes like Foundations of Fitness and Small Group Communication, and we're just picking groups in there. So I read some of Mitch's International Management book because I think that sort of stuff is interesting, read a chapter of The Future of Management, and then painted! I haven't done that in so long--my last painting is of a ring. So far I've done a look through my back window in Milaca, a juxtaposition painting of Alice and the Cheshire Cat, a Heartless (I ashamedly can't remember the name of the specific one I depicted), a ring, and now just a doodle of Augsburg. There is nothing about the painting, of course to signify that it's Augsburg, but it is in my mind.
We watched an episode of the Sopranos after Mitch got back from his KAUG meeting. It was ok. Nothing hugely disrupting happened, but I increasingly realized that I hate AJ and Janice.

I'm excited for Badminton tomorrow. I'm also excited for Foundations, but I'm a little crabby about the listening part. I want to get right on that treadmill and go!
Oh, I also completed the personal statement for my CIEE application. It's well over the suggested word limit, but I feel that since the program application's materials get used in the scholarship process as well, I'd better make it more than 250 words. I additionally emailed Kristen to see if she would write my letter of recommendation.

What do you think about reality TV? Do you like it? If so, do you think it actually contributes in any practical way to society, or is that not its point?
Here's my favorite question of the day: are broad-casted sports games reality TV?

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