Thursday, January 31, 2008

Orange ice-cream for Ishtar

I got a free t-shirt today! I'm incredibly excited about this.
After Foundations of Fitness, I went to the Admissions office to get some work in, but first I checked out the table just outside. All I had to do was answer a question about how much I would be willing to pay for green energy at Augsburg, and then write on a leaf-shaped piece of paper one out of ten possible things I would do to be personally greener. I picked number 7: use my own cloth bag when shopping instead of acquiring more plastic and paper bags. There were a few options that I already do, like wearing jeans more than once before washing and something else I can't remember but I definitely didn't realize was a big deal.
So I got a free t-shirt! I love college. The shirt is a dress on me, but I'll wear it with leggings as lounge-wear, and it'll all be fantastic!
I also did laundry today, which was slightly upsetting because it cost $8, but I also got the rest of The Odyssey read: it was awesome! The end is so neat--Odysseus kicking suitor-ass with his son, Telemachus; and then his reunion with Penelope! I laughed a bit when I got to the part where he told her all that had happened to him: he told her about meeting Calypso and Circe...I wonder if he also mentioned that he had sex with those women?
Oh! I can't forget to fill out my Foundations of Fitness chart before Friday. I've been slacking because I didn't know how to do it until this morning when my professor explained it to me.
I had Bill as a partner again in badminton, and we went 1-1. That's ok: we deserved the first loss--I could tell we weren't warmed up yet.
Tonight was a Republican debate, but I missed it partly because of laundry and partly because I had lots of things to do after I got done with laundry.
I made an icon tonight! It's of Zelda from Smash Bros. Brawl. I hope to make a few more tomorrow night after I get done with my Small Group Comm. outline and whatever else springs up tomorrow during my other classes--and then post them on my Zelda icon-LiveJournal community.

Alan, if you're reading this, you know what I'm thinking: it involves you, the Twin Cities, and fall 2008.

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