Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a miso moose for pleasure

I've came up with some more good ideas for fundraising. I'll create Japanese gift-baskets (or, rather, bowls), filled with all sorts of goodies I'll purchase, and then sell them. It will be fabulous way to get people involved in the culture and to experience a little of what I'll be jumping into this summer. And besides, everyone here is a sucker for foreign stuff, so I hope they'll like the idea. I may present it to a few people tomorrow to see what they think. I probably wouldn't start making them for a while, since I just started the shaving the leg deal--I'll have to give people some time to forget that I already got money from them. :)
I'll also be offering any of my readers and other friends/acquaintances this product as well.

I had Interpersonal Communication today at 9:40. I'm pumped for the rest of the class. It seems incredibly neat--and the subject is extremely interesting. I've read through some of the textbook--and when the textbook is fun to read without even having started the class--it's usually a good indicator of the actual class being a good time.
Following Interpersonal, I had Hon. Effective Writing with Colin Irvine who appears to be hilarious and very intelligent. I'm by no means happily anticipating writing lots of papers, but it's only for a semester!
Lastly, I had Liberating Letters with Bob Groven. We all had to write down from memory the first fifteen lines of the opening of the Odyssey, answer a riddle about the story, and produce three scrolls with five traits people who knew us deeply claim each of us embodies. On the sheet of paper that had all our information on it, it was stated that if we didn't pass these "three trials" as deemed by the "course guardians," we wouldn't be able to enter the classroom. I thought maybe they were kidding--but then Beau wasn't let into the classroom and had to go home after he couldn't write down the poem. Oh jeepers, though, was the class entertaining. Bob Groven is scary smart--he's so learned and seems to have a ridiculously detailed memory. Tuesday/Thursday classes are an hour and a half long, but the time absolutely flew by!

I sold my last textbook today. Too bad I don't know where it is! I'll have to ask Mom by tomorrow-I don't want to disappoint my customer!

So, in spirit of my regular controversial discussions, I'll talk about beauty tonight.
What is beauty, to you? Forget all the Disney-esque stuff and think about what beauty means to you. What people do you find beautiful? What objects?
Lastly, do you believe that beauty was created by a beautiful creator? That without a creator who is without fault--such as the Christian God--true beauty would be impossible? If your answer is no, that would in effect suggest that you believe there is a true beauty.
I think that's ignorant.
Tell me what you think.

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