Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Megara's crook for breaking the box

Kristen told me about a dream she had last week: We were in class--Small Group, Interpersonal, or something else, and I raised my hand and told her I felt like she didn't know what she was talking about anymore. I said that last semester, in Comm. 280, she did, but now she didn't.
What a terrible dream!
Today in Effective Writing, we reviewed each other's rough drafts. I got some really good feedback from Jessica and Kaaren--things that I knew should be fixed in my final draft. That makes me happy--it's always easier to appease the reader when the reader thinks you should change the same things you think you should.
Speaking of changing, I should do so to that sentence.
We had a guest speaker in Liberating Letters. He was a professor from the English department--he specializes in Greek lit., and so we talked about the original text of The Odyssey. For next class period, we have to have translated our translation into the Greek alphabet, and memorized the original first line of the book.
I liked Interpersonal Comm. a lot today: we talked about chapter two, which is Culture and Interpersonal Comm. We had some fun discussions about different places we'd been--in and out of the country--that made us appreciate and acknowledge the differences between cultures and the way people from those cultures communicate.
Rob Imrie emailed me back: we're meeting at noon on Sunday at Starbucks in the MoA. I'm anticipating this meeting very much. Mitch said he may come with to do a bit of shopping, but I don't want him with me while I talk to Rob.
On CNN.com/politics, you can find a pseudo-chart of all the candidates (including those who've dropped out) and their stances on major issues such as abortion, taxes, stem cell research, and illegal immigration. It's neat to read--it sometimes includes details about the candidates relationships to those issues (such as mentioning Mike Huckabee has a carry-conceal weapon permit).
Tomorrow I have to do laundry. I'm running out of pants to wear, and I'm sick of individually washing underpants.
I also have voice lessons and a meeting with Amy tomorrow. And lots of class. But that's ok! I just need an upbeat attitude and everything won't seem so dull! Because it's really not.

OH! The Republican Debate is tomorrow, as well. Zippy!

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