Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet my ape

Mitch had me do his laundry today. I didn't even know how to do laundry until this fall, and now I'm doing his. It makes me feel good, to do things like that for him; he does so much for me. He cooks all my meals, he drives me everywhere, he gives me kisses when I'm sad, and all those other things that come with loving somebody.
I started reading the Odyssey in the laundry room. HOLY OLIPHANT, is it a good book! I've only read about one hundred pages, but my goodness. The text is beautifully flowing. It moves like water; there are rhyming words and not rhyming words and words that wouldn't seem like they would fit together beautifully when standing alone, but when put together by the amazing Homer, they sound like heaven. I didn't know what to think when I began, but I don't regret choosing to actually read the book and not simply Sparknote it. :)
The South Carolina Black Caucus Democratic Debate is tomorrow! I'm terribly excited. It's at eight, and I can't wait to watch it. Go get 'em, Barack!
I plan on working out tomorrow morning, in place of Foundations of Fitness, which I won't have because there's no class! Hoorah for MLK JR. Not only did he push global civil rights, he gave me a day off of class to get a few work hours in! Way to go, man.
I've got some more things to do before Tuesday, like read up to page 160 in the Odyssey, read chapters three, four, and nine in the Guide to Writing, and read chapter two in Small Group Communication.
I can't slack on getting my CIEE application in, either, even though I keep trying to tell myself that it's ok if I take a little bit longer. Get on my back!

In light of the advancing Martin Luther King Jr memorial day, do you think race is still an issue in America? To what extent? Take, for example, the Jena 6. Do you believe that was an issue of race or do you believe it was Al Sharpton raising problems?
I believe race is still an issue. And while I feel I'm blind to race, the rest of the United States isn't, and inequities still exist. And what's ridiculously stupid is that there is no logical reason they should. There should not be a separation of people by color, but an appreciation of people for their cultures. Origin should not be a burden; it should be celebrated and accepted and ignored in terms of things that should be equal, like pay or educational opportunity.

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