Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lime ties + green teas

I didn't go to work today!
I cleaned instead. I cleaned for three hours; I cleaned everything: the kitchen, the bathroom (oh, that was a treat, let me tell you), the bedroom, and the hallway. Dusting was most definitely a chore--everything was ridiculously dirty. But living in a clean place makes me happy, and I am thus.
GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! I got a 4.0 in religion. That means a cumulative 4.0! I cried when I found out; it was at about 4:45 this afternoon: I leaped up, danced around, and made up songs dedicated to my joy.
Sharon took Mitch and I to dinner at Mongo's. It was too bad, though: I wouldn't have been able to properly delve into the stir fry, so I got soup and salad instead. The chili was pretty good, but nothing beats Mongo's stir fry! In case you haven't been there, it's a neat place. You get seated by a hostess, a waiter or waitress asks you what sort of plan you want to go with, and then he or she guides you through the process of making your own stir fry! Once you get all the ingredients in your bowl, you give it to a cook and he or she flips the crap out of it, all fancy-like, and then you eat it and it's healthy and delicious of course.
We then went to the theater to see National Treasure 2. I've never seen the first, and hope Mitch never makes me, as I'm not big into the concept of its plot. The Da Vinci Code (book) was fun to read, but I'll admit the only reason I enjoyed the movie was because I had just read the book (I actually did nothing in Spanish I except read the Da Vinci Code for about a week).

Tomorrow I'll be going to work. I'm not going to push it--I'll wake up when I wake up; however, I do intend to make money as textbooks are expensive. Advice: if you're thinking about post-secondary education, save little bits of money out of every paycheck specifically for textbooks. Otherwise they may come as a real shock.

Are you a realist? A relativist?
Additionally, just for fun, what animal would you keep as a pet if you absolutely could, no matter the logistics? I would most definitely have an orca, and I would ride it around. Also, a unicorn.

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