Sunday, January 27, 2008

She's interested in ivy

I woke up at eleven this morning, but Mitch didn't get up until noon!
I had two pieces of peanut-butter toast and a bit of Mitch's breakfast: eggs, sausage, and cheese ("all mixed together").
I didn't get started on my homework until Mitch told me to--and by then, it was the afternoon. We went out to lunch with his parents at TGI Fridays in Roseville(?) and then Sherie, Mitch, and I went to a SuperTarget for groceries. I'm incredibly excited, because I got a mop and toilet bowl cleaner! I used the mom right away when we got back to Augsburg. The kitchen floor was bad--but the bathroom was filthy! Especially underneath the wire cabinet--the floor was black. I love my new mop, although I wish I didn't have to touch the nasty cleaning pad to throw it away.
I didn't finish The Odyssey tonight, but I read quite a bit. I'll finish it in time, don't doubt that. I also have a rough draft to write for Effective Writing, due Tuesday. It'll all be fine, though; neither of those activities are very strenuous, and I already have notes for Interpersonal Comm. Chaper 2 taken, so I'm prepared for my only other class on Tuesday.

The rivalry between my Dear Winner Barack and Ms. Thang Hillary is heating up in light of the approaching Super Tuesday. I've been avidly keeping track of CNN's analysis on the situation; and, although CNN is just one network and I don't advocate mislead, bias, or one-sided information, I do appreciate CNN and its ability to transcend its liberal leanings.
Unlike Fox, who without care for scrutiny, blatently displays its conservatism. Whether or not that's good or bad is not in question, because it can go both ways, but I surely don't watch it. is closing! According to the website, PokemonUSA, Inc. has chosen to sell exclusively through retail partners. I say boo to that. Nowhere online have I found a more comphensive and trustworthy Pokemon retailer than Where now, will I go? Ebay? Certainly not. Perhaps, but even there things may be overpriced. Toys 'n Joys has a huge stock, but everything is priced ridiculously high, or else the shipping chargers are obscenely unproportional.
On another, but related note, I'm still distressed about not buying the Plusle and Minun earrings from Etsy. They nag at me whenever I look at my Pokedolls.

I have my Foundations of Fitness Planner to complete and some Small Group sheets to print off. I don't want it to be Monday, but here it comes anyway!

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