Sunday, January 13, 2008

Humid Sally and her bag of bumblebees

This morning, Mom made her fabulous smoothies and blueberry muffins. Well, the muffins were already made, but they were still delicious.

I spent a lot of time completing one scholarship today. The layout was pretty simple, but of course I made it detailed and ridiculously long, so it took a good three hours. I had to download it as a PDF, and it wasn't made interactive, so I had to print it off, scan it back in, and then fill out everything piece by piece in PhotoImpression. Instead of just using the boxes provided for activities, I updated my activities resume. I thought I was done, but I proofed it later and found that I'd included my church involvement under "school" activities in addition to "community" activities--so I'll have to go back into the document and change the page numbers around, etc. I guess that's all right. At least I caught the mistake. It's not a big one, but it's better to send something perfect in and show that I'm organized and care about getting the scholarship than send something half-hearted and half-assed. Half-butted, as Mr. Nelson puts it during class.

Alan came over tonight! We (Mom, Alan, and I) ate some homemade chicken dumpling soup (Mom's going to send some back with me, how delightful!), and then played a lot of Wii. We played Wii Sports (the staple) and Game Party (one of Bob's presents). It's got shuffleboard, skill ball, air hockey, trivia, and others. I didn't expect it to be that great, and while the controls can be downright offensive, we had a lot of fun with it. After the Wii, we played Perfect Dark on the '64. That game is spectacular, truly. The graphics made good use of the expansion pack, nearly everything is customizable, and the single mode, co-op, and multi-players are all beautifully crafted. It's too bad it never got a revamp on any later systems (blame that on Rare and Nintendo).

I'm not sure when I'm leaving yet today. Preferably much later, as I still have to watch Kiki's Delivery Service and my scholarship application needs some fixing (and I'd rather not use my ink at school). We also have to go grocery shopping for a few things like toilet paper, etc.

Oh, P.S.: I emailed Colin about a co-operative radio show dedicated to the foreign arts (music especially, considering the medium). He emailed me back today and said he's interested. He also added that we could get a few other people involved in it--that way, we could trade off weeks and make the scheduling easier on everybody. That's a good idea.

I won't apologize for not delving into Crockett's quotes the last few days, but I will note that discussions surrounding them will be surfacing in the next week, as I settle down into my new classes.

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