Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The herd of Helios and Judy

This morning was poop.
I went into the Comm. office for work, only to find that nobody was there again. No big deal, because I went over to the Admissions office just in time to get let in and do some yellow-folder work. I did that for a little bit, and then left at nine for my class. I got over to Gateway 200 and waited outside the classroom for about ten minutes, went pee, then realized it's Tuesday and classes don't start until 9:40. Way to go, Ali. So I went back to Admissions and did more work.
It's not the worst morning I've ever had, by any means, but how frustrating, eh?

When class really started, I had David Lapakko for Interpersonal Communication; Kristen's in North Dakota at a funeral. David is a neat professor--when he talks about things from the textbook, he's careful to say "so and so" (the author) claims "this," he's funny, and he's getting me in contact with a friend of his who spent seventeen years in Japan and now works at MoA. I'm so grateful for professors like him!

Effective Writing was nice--I got started on the topic I hope to pursue in my first paper: video games and their effects on human psychology and the societal arts. I also made a new friend, although I don't remember his name. If I'm recalling correctly (which I'm probably not), he's a sophomore, the same as Paul.
Liberating Letters was equally fun: we talked about temptresses/warlocks/princes, and magic. We didn't make it to dragons, and I hope he'll let us talk about them before we move onto trial stuff.

From what I gather according to Alex, the rest of the Odyssey has to be read by Thursday. That's quite an undertaking, and I probably won't be able to do it, but I bet I can get close. It's such a fascinating story. Groven mentioned that the middle gets sort of slow, and so does the end. Well I'm in the middle, and I'm still thoroughly enjoying every page, every stanza! Such gorgeous language.

I worked for an hour and a half after class today. I figured out my time sheet from last week and discovered that I'd worked overtime! That's all right. I can cheat and move hours around if I don't get as many this week. Don't tell Human Resources!

I was very productive tonight after work. I finished my ECE scholarship and printed it off. I decided to add an "employment" section, even though it wasn't asked for. It surely can't hurt.
I also did a bit more with my Augsburg Abroad application, and I printed off a copy of my CIEE application questions, because applicants who do those can use their answers for the Augsburg Abroad application as well.
Mitch had class tonight, and then he went to Target, so it was easier to get a lot of things done in a row. I mind it most of the time, but sometimes I like it when he stops me from working to give me a kiss or a pat. :)

Tomorrow is my last day of Small Group Communication for the week. I'll have David Lapakko in class again, and we'll be discussing chapter two.

In respect to my propsed Effective Writing paper topic, what do you feel about video games and their effects in society?
*Are they simply a trend?
*Do they mold violent people?
*Do they encourage lack of physical communication among friends or children?
*Are they the new art form, unrecognized by most modern artists and art-enthusiasts?

The more I hear from my readers the better my essay will be; I like to hear various opinions so I can encompass many areas of knowledge and understanding.

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Alan said...

One thing that I have read concerning video games as unrecognized art actually has to do with the writers strike. Video game writers are not part of the same union as TV writers, and so they have been going strong through the strike. Just thought you might like to know that, I got it out of EGM, so maybe you already read it.