Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grab his ears, all around the merry-go-round

Oh, the places you'll go--
The "places" I've been:

When I woke up, I took a shower (after a bit of breakfast), and then took out my trusty computer to begin again the tiresome and relentless search for scholarships. I researched fundraisers (I have a few in mind, and I'll be contacting all you devoted readers soon enough--you can count on it), scholarships (study abroad and-non), and even began filling out a few. I still have to write an essay for my bank's scholarship, and then I have to write my letter-to-businesses (yeah yeah, soliciting). I already wrote the letter for family members; all that has to be done is change the name and what sort of P.S. questions are asked (I can't ask "How's California?" to everybody). I still have many things to sort through before March 1st, however (apparently the deadline for non-Augsburg programs is one month later than actual Augsburg programs. Which is nice, but perhaps give me a little TOO much leg room...I need to get started!).

I watched the fourth Inuyasha movie last night. I'll admit, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It hasn't entered the realm of Ali's favorites yet, but it was definitely more entertaining and visually/audibly edible than the third movie.
I'm giving the third one too much crap and credit. It wasn't as bad as I pretend it was, but it wasn't good either. I mean, of course I love it because it's Inuyasha and that's what I do: I love Inuyasha things. But of all the movies, it's undoubtedly the weakest. The other three have these things going for them: Affections Touching Across Time was the first movie. It had a spectacularly reminiscent opening, and the middle of the film--when Kagome shoots Inuyasha with an arrow--is positively heart-wrenching. The second movie, The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, is where those two lovebirds who pretend like they don't like each other but really do but don't but do and love each other deeply finally KISS. Hoorah, an every fan pees their pants in ecstasy moment! The fourth movie, Fire on the Mystic Island, takes place very late in the anime series and, thus, you get a real sense of the built and accepted connection between Inuyasha and Kagome. Doubly, Miroku and Sango of course. It even has Kikyo! What could make it better? Maybe a little bit of Naraku? Well, he can't be in every episode.
But the third film, Swords of an Honorable Ruler, seems all-too-shallow for my deeply interested and attached Inuyasha likes. No Kikyo, not enough Kagome (Inuyasha doesn't let her participate in battle at all, despite the apparent lesson he learns in Affections Touching Across Time and the Hyouga battle), and we still don't get to see Inu-Papa's (that bad-ass) face. He must have been smexeh, to woo both demon and human alike.

Mom and I went to see I Am Legend tonight. I went and saw it a while back (did I mention it in an entry?), but she really wanted to see it, and of course, I agreed. We stopped at Target first and I got a nice and simple turquoise sweater for a measly $4. She got a brown turtleneck for the same. I also got mascara on the house, which is nice...considering the mascara was as much as the sweater. We then ate at Taco Bell (remember when it had bad meat? And lettuce?), then went to the theater, got candy (she got Jolly Rancher gummies, some chocolate kind of stuff, and I got Twizzlers), and found some seats where she could rest her feet up on the bar. The movie is good a second time around, but of course loses some of its suspense value. It didn't help that I had extra movie-narrators all around me (why do people think it is ok to talk in movie theaters?) that distracted my attention every couple seconds.

Ernie has been in Maggie's dog-kennel for the past half hour. He's not even laying down; he's sitting up, looking around. Or maybe the fax machine just woke him up. I hated having to get offline at 12:15 and then wait for her faxes to come in. When we had dial up internet. We had dial up when I was using the internet the most. Of course, I was using the internet the most because I'd never had it, but nonetheless, the two experiences correlated. Back when I was Miss Boss at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania. Those were the days.

(Inuyasha, such and such)

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