Monday, January 21, 2008

Floppsy fishes for worms

Oh goody! I got hours in today. I actually got quite a bit done overall during the day. I woke up at nine, I think, and went to the new Fitness Center to work on the elliptical. Jennifer was there again, but we listened to our iPods instead of chatting it up. I wasn't in the mood for talking anyway--I'd just woken up, after all!
After working out, I showered and went downstairs to get the Comm. mail. I'd finally remembered to bring the list of faculty, so I knew who's to get and not forget. I brought the mail over to the office, only to find that nobody came in that day! Or at least when I got there. So I slid the mail under the door and headed to Admissions to work. I did so until 4:30 (so I put in 4 1/2 hours), and then went upstairs to see Mitch. He had things to do, so I busied myself for about an hour cleaning around the dorm. My crowning achievement for the night was cleaning both his desks--more important, the one by the window, which was so full of crap you couldn't see the wood underneath.
Right now I'm listening to "Team Rocket," as portrayed in the Pokemon game boy games. It, along with the other tunes I have, are incredibly fun to listen to. For the most part, they're jolly, quirky tunes that only one who remembers them dearly will enjoy them, but with great reverence.
I read the rest of the assigned Odyssey reading, and then read the chapters of A Guide to Writing we have to read for tomorrow.
The Odyssey is so darn neat. Read it, if you haven't. Don't be daunted by its reputation and time-of-origin: it's amazingly (but I should have expected it) easy to read and is so beautiful--it never gets dull!
Mom says she taught Maggie how to sit, lay down, and shake. It's about time, too--before, when I tried to make her sit by pushing her butt down, she's freak out and push right back at me.
I've got some other things to do tonight before we go to sleep, so I'd best be on them.

Don't let me forget that I HAVE to get my passport pictures taken so I can finish my CIEE application!!!!

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